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Originally Posted by Tea View Post
Thanks Claudette. Yes just a one day park ticket that first week as I had to slash my budget.
The moving around is that we're staying in 3 different hotels over 4 nights... which is sort of a lot... I can't decide between Pop and AoA... and was thinking both.

I'm moving the car as we'll be checking out of Pop and into AoA. The reason I prefer AoA is the trip time to MK is slightly shorter ... I really want to maximise the day... but AoA is more expensive than Pop...

DAS is a disability pass. My son has ASD and can melt down when he feels restricted or frustrated. This long day will likely be a real challenge for him.

You're right. It is a bit leisurely. I really want to make better use of the fact that we're staying on property (albeit cheaply) but I can't really afford more tickets... it seems such a waste. If anyone has any suggestions about what to do here to better utilise the on-site time, I'd be grateful.
Ah I see, I hadn't seen the bit about changing hotel. I really wouldn't do one night each in POP and AoA, I would make a decision. The difference between distance to Magic Kingdom is negligible.

What are you doing after day 6? Are you onsite or offsite? What do you have tickets for?
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