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My comments by day.

Day 1. Impossible to say whether you could be in bed be eating dinner by 8pm, it will depend entirely upon immigration queues. I have in the past landed at 6pm and been in MK (eating dinner if I had wanted to) by 8pm though.

Day 2 & 3. You don't seem to be doing very much, are you only getting a one day park ticket? I was not sure why no parks these days.

Day 4. I don't understand the plan, why are you bringing the car from POP to AoA in order to go to MK? No idea what "DAS" stands for so cannot comment on that. It looks like a very long day to me, however if it is because you only have a one day ticket then I can see why you would do that. What do you mean by "7DMT return time" - there is no such thing as far as I am aware. I don't think it is unrealistic to hope to pick up some additional FP during the day, but no way of predicting what will be available, I am sure something will be though.

I don't really understand your question about moving about? It seems like a very leisurely six days to me.
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