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Originally Posted by Claudette View Post
I think that being on the dibb can make fast pass booking far more stressful than it really needs to be.

I would definitely agree with your husband and unless I have planned a late start (e.g. waterpark first or a late night event the night before) I would always book FPs for the morning. My first would be from around an hour after general park opening, after that the lines will be built up, lines to the most popular rides will build up within minutes.

There are always some FP later on, maybe not the headline rides, but there will be FPs. In all honesty, I would rethink your strategy of afternoon FPs and at least do some days of morning FP at the beginning of the holiday when you are up early.

They system won't let you overlap, it should be clear when you come to book.
Hallelujah! I just don't get all the stressing about Fast Passes. I'm doing a mixture of morning and afternoon ones. Some days I'm spending the morning at the resort and going to a park at lunchtime, staying there till closing. Then I'm doing afternoon ones. Other days I'm going to a park about 8.00 and staying till mid afternoon - then I'm doing morning ones.
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