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I booked afternoon passes. I know from every single year previous that we get morning fast passes for animal kingdom and we have gone to say Everest and walked on the ride and ridden it 3 or 4 times back to back and then done Dinosaur etc then come the afternoon the lines are long and dh WONT queue and we always end up leaving early because itís hot and busy and long queues and we end up trailing from ride to ride, find a long line and dh refuses to queue so we move in and then end up leaving.
So my tack this year is the opposite - we will go into the park ride things standby while itís still not too queued and then in the afternoon we have 3 fast passes and we will watch whichever of Nemo or Lion king that we didnít watch earlier.
In the past I think itís offered different permutations of the 3 rides I wanted but this time Iíve had to book each individual so itís sort of thinking when Iíve booked what, what times shows are, when we usually eat etc.
If this is what you both want then go for it.
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