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Let’s go back again May 2020

Evening lovely dibbers!

So after returning from the most amazing trip in POFQ in October we eagerly awaited the release of free dining for 2020... only to learn it wasn’t meant to be for our dates... cue a lot of toning and fro-in with the northern family we totally changed our plans and ended up on a random Monday lunchtime booking a bargain for the good ole favourite Rosen inn at pointe for next May...

We’ve all stayed here before so know what to expect and know the location etc. Agreed it’s going to be different from POFQ but we are treating it as different holiday! It’s quite exciting actually!

So allow me to introduce (again)

Lucie Dan and teddy! This will be teddy’s second trip to the mouse and he will of just turned 4! We are flying from Gatwick and the northerners Manchester.

Also joining us is this lovely lot, my lovely northern family consisting of 3 cousins, partners and kids and 1 aunty and her twin sister so a total of 15 Of us—- watch out international drive

So this time It’s the northerners who fly out first and we follow two days layer due to work and leave etc.

We’ve got universal, Disney and discovery cove tickets booked although me an teddy are giving universal a miss as there isn’t much for him and we can do something different.

We are hoping to book hard rock for the night again to get fast passes so me and teddy will happily chill or head to sea world!

There will be a few trips to the outlets, well it would be rude not too with the I trolley passes for up and down I drive - I imagine teddy will what to be on this constantly 😂

Not much else we can do now except save and plan out itinerary and for the first time this has been taken out of my hands an one of my cousins is taking charge- she’s very good and has all our best interests at heart!

So that’s us I did try and upload some more pics but it wouldn’t let me so sorry about that if I bored you!

If you’re still here we’ll done on making it through my waffling!

Have a good bank holiday people xx

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