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I think the weather definitely played a part in the low crowds! We didn't get Merlin Passes this year so did pay full price and definitely the felt the pressure to make the most of the entire day; more so than we ever did in the 5 years we had passes where we'd be at a theme park 2/3 times a month.

I really want to do Chessington in half term but the reports I've read from there at peak times aren't filling me with much hope that it will be as successful as our Legoland trip.
Yeah I bet ☹️
This is definitely our last year of being passholders , think we have had them for about 8 years so itís sad but the parks are just shabby now and I donít feel like there is enough new stuff to warrant the price of passes .
I think I mentioned Chessington on either this thread or another one on here as it was terrible !
We have been twice since they opened up and both times I left a nervous wreck.
First time was when they just reopened so assumed the bad experience was because they were getting used to the new way of doing things .. this was not the case !
Social distancing is non existent in queue lines and around most areas of the park .
So many other guests just seem to be clueless and stood right up to us in nearly every queue line until I snapped in the Vampire line and had to ask them to move back .
I was so cross about how lax they were with enforcing guidelines that I emailed them when I got home (and Iím pretty ďmehĒ about things so I mustíve been really annoyed to bother) 😆
They emailed back and said
ďwe are sorry, have a fast track for one ride at the park Ē..
yeah thanks !
I would say if you can try and go when the weather isnít good like you did with Legoland then you might have better luck than us .
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