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Disney don't provide carbohydrate or similar nutritional information as a rule - they are not required to do so by law and I think the feeling is that they would not want to supply incorrect information that people trust as gospel and then causes a problem (for which they may be sued, of course!).

I'm also type 1, and do like to be precise with carb counts if I can, but I also recognise that being on holiday is a time to "let it go" to a degree. In other words, I do the best I can and accept slightly less tight control than I manage at home. I'm fortunate that I have more than 25 years of carb counting on my side to help me estimate, but I still get it wrong. If anything though I tend to err on the side of caution (remember the effect of walking around World Showcase too!) but watch numbers closely and react accordingly.

Do you use any visual carb counting apps? Things like Carbs and Cals can be very useful for estimating things based on size. Even if the exact item isn't in the app, you can often find something equivalent, and this creates a starting point for a best guess dose.
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