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TC was by now gasping for a cigarette and wondering how to get over having no lighter/matches. Being at the back we were deplaned last of course and the line for Immigration was horrifically long. Unlike MCO it was just one long line until you were shunted off to a desk (only about 8 in all). Another fierce looking woman was walking the line checking everyone’s forms. One poor group of Dutch people had gotten off the plane with no paper work at all (how did they manage that when the crew went up and down the plane with them, I don’t know). Dragon lady was delighted everytime she found a wrong form and a PA announcement followed. This was interspersed with announcements telling people to switch off cell phones until outside, everytime someone’s bleeped on! Of course, ours were correct down to the last detail of a street number, so she tutted “all OK”. TC was by now muttering about how it never took this long before and how the terminal had changed. This was basically because on all previous flights he had changed somewhere else, so had done immigration there and then flown into Terminal 1. Terminal 2 is the International terminal, Terminal 1 domestic.

Finally we reached a desk and did the usual fingerprints and photo – not asked to take off glasses this time and the man had a pleasant chat with me about my jewellery (a pendant in the shape of Formentera). Finally we managed to collect our suitcases – TC tried to dash through customs but had to wait for me as I had the customs form!

Dashing out of the doors we hit two things – a wall of heat and a huge line for taxis. TC was more worries about getting a light but everyone was is the same predicament – having had matches and lighters taken away at Gatwick – how do you get a light? Someone had “smuggled” through some matches and a line of people lighting up started.

Now here’s the first tip for anyone interested: DO NOT join the line for taxis at Terminal 2. Follow the path to the right and in five minutes you will arrive at Terminal 1. Cross over the road where all the shuttle buses pull in and walk straight through Terminal 1. You will then arrive at the taxi stand – get in line – they shout “how many” and direct you to a stand where a taxi pulls up straight away.

It was around $15 to the Flamingo and we arrived before all the people in the Terminal 2 line (they all joined the check in line behind us). There is also a facility to check in at Terminal 1 if you are staying at a Caesar’s Hotel – but we wanted an upgrade so thought it best to do it at the hotel.

After another seemingly long wait we were called forward and checked in with a struggle as Arlen found our accents difficult to understand. There were 3 sorts of upgrade - $60 for a mini suite; $40 – we couldn’t fathom that one out – some view of the Strip, I think and $20 for a side view – this is what we had wanted – the side view overlooks the Bellagio fountains and Eiffel Tower. So we got that with another 30 minute wait on housekeeping.

We couldn’t be bothered to take suitcases back down to the baggage place so joined the line for the Player’s Card. This is a loyalty type card with rewards depending on how much you gamble (more about that later). Each hotel group issues one – this meant we accrued points in Flamingo, Caesar’s Place, Paris, Bally’s, Harrah’s and the Rio. We also got 10% discount in various gift shops. That done the 30 minutes was up so TC headed over to the desk (Edward this time) to get room keys and we headed up to room.

The view was stunning and the room as expected – two large beds, two chairs, a TV in huge cupboard, two tables, wardrobe with mirrored front and bathroom (one basin). Unpacking done – rolled clothes and folded clothes had both survived the journey well. If I had to judge it I would say rolled did slightly better, but that was probably because my clothes are slightly higher in polyester content than TC’s cotton/linen mixes!
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