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Originally Posted by parris View Post
Something just dawned on me, do we have to swear on a bible in order to get our marriage license?

So happy for you Jo, delighted it went they way you all wanted it
Thank you

Now it's so easy we can't actually remember whether a bible was involved but you do have to swear an oath to say you are telling the truth with the information you provide.

It is quite a serious affair I suppose but exciting all the same I was a little worried when we went as I can have a tendency to laugh when I'm nervous :/ Not the best trait! Anyway they were so helpful. Basically we presented the girl behind the counter with our form ( completed in advance ) plus our passports. She took copies and filled some stuff in on the screen. We then swore we were telling the truth and she gave us the licence which we had to give to the officiant. Oh I forgot the bit where we gave her the money

A few things to remember/ think about :

- before you go into the court house you have to go through a type of airport security screening. We were caught out as we had an insect repellant aerosol which was confiscated.
- the court house is only open Monday to Friday so build that into your planning when setting a date
- we went back to pick up our licence before we came home because it gave us the opportunity to pick up a couple of extra copies which are handy when sorting your name change at home (copy 3$ each)
- check the paperwork carefully. There was a typo on our marriage certificate which would have caused a problem if we hadn't noticed right away.

Hopefully that helps - any more questions just ask.

Happy planning. It really is wonderful to do something different.

Jo x
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