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Garth and Louise's Graduation Celebration June 2017 - Day 14 - Epcot

Welcome to my trip report! The index is here, and day 13 is here.

Monday 26th June – Day 14

The alarm went off at 7am today. I sat in bed for a bit chatting with my best friends on the group chat but eventually got myself up. We washed, I straightened my hair and we did a bit of ironing and were ready to leave at 7.50am.

Beautiful day! We stopped off to get drinks in our refillable mugs. It said on the machines there was a new cream soda so we both got vanillas. They were quite yummy and refreshing on a hot morning. We got to the bus stop and there was a bus due very soon.

It was a quick trip to Epcot, we breezed through bag check and an extra security check and we were in the queue to get in by 8.10.

Showing off his tshirt!

And showing off mine! Not sure why I’m squinting when I could have just put my sunnies on! While we were waiting we nearly booked another ADR for Yak and Yeti to get another Kobe beef burger but we just couldn’t figure out when would be a good time to do it around our other plans. I’m living to return to AK and get that burg. I checked timehop while we were waiting and I had retweeted this a year ago today

It was the queue for Frozen Ever After! Luckily we had a fastpass for today but it was funny seeing I had retweeted that a year before my first go. We were let into the turnstiles at half 8 and then we were held under Spaceship Earth.

At 8.45 the Jamminators came out to entertain us for a bit! I couldn’t see them but I could hear them and it sounded good. It was getting a bit hot waiting and I was dreaming about the aircon in the Land pavilion that we would soon be enjoying. We were finally let in at 8.55 and headed straight towards Soarin’, passing a bin en route which was blowing bubbles out of his “mouth”! When we got there the queue time was already 50 minutes! But we hopped in the queue anyway and we were on in 10 minutes. Oh Disney, you fibbers. We’d had a sneaky go on Soarin’ when we were here last week but it was just as good the second time! Still made me quite emotional (everything makes me emotional). I get a bit wobbly with heights and the Eiffel Tower bit makes me a bit nervous but it’s still fab. As we went over the Great Wall of China we gave my sister a wave, she was in China herself at the time off on an adventure! We were in the middle row this time which isn’t quite as immersive as the top because of the dangling feet but once you’re going you’re so into it you hardly notice! We were off by quarter past and were ready for our breakfast at Sunshine Seasons.

We were after something sweet and yummy. I got a cinnamon roll and a strawberry banana smoothie and Garth got a lemon blast cake with an iced coffee.

Would have cost $19.26+ tax but we used 4 snack credits. We actually wanted to covert 3 snacks into a meal to get rid of a QS credit but the guy at the till nodded and then just put it through as 4 snacks anyway So we rolled with that and decided we’d try again another time, we were hardly low on snack credits either! Breakfast was nice but nothing special, Garth preferred the cupcake version of the lemon blast cake that he’d had in 2014. My smoothie was really good though. We were done by 9.45am and walked into the 10 minute queue for Living with the Land.

I was really cold on the way around, I thought greenhouses were supposed to be hot! We loved spotting the hidden Mickeys and we do like this ride. I didn’t take any pictures because we’ve all seen plenty of those from this ride We used the loos and then headed towards our first fastpass at the character spot. It was showing 35 minutes already so we were glad we had a fastpass. Mickey first!

Mickey liked Garth’s ears and did his best Sorcerer Mickey impression! They were a good investment from DLP. Goofy was up next. He kissed my hand!

He loved Garth’s tshirt, he must be a Figment fan! He danced like Figment and the cast member sung the song.

They were good meets but really quick. We met Mickey and co a lot this trip rather than meeting lots of different characters. I think because I’m new to the character thing it felt more comfortable meeting the main guys and next time I’ll be a bit more adventurous! As we were close we went over to Journey into Imagination with Figment.

We only waited ten minutes. I don’t mind this ride (I don’t like the smells part though ) but I really love all the fun afterwards. It wasn’t too busy luckily so we could play a little bit!

And we also had a little play in the shop.

We loved OUAT up until like the fourth series I think? Kind of just went downhill from there.

We had a Nemo fastpass next to headed in that direction.

It really was a scorcher today. We scanned unto Nemo at 11.25 and enjoyed a trip to the big blue world. We love singing along to this song. We realised on the way off the ride that we had missed calls from uni. Garth had a voicemail and it was just the MA co-ordinator checking we still wanted to do the masters and asking for us to pay the deposit. Not sure why I didn’t get a voicemail but it’s kind of common knowledge at uni that Garth and I come as a pair so maybe he just figured he only needed to leave one message for the both of us We had a mooch around the aquarium.

I always name this a Rachel-fish after my sister

We went to say hello to the manatees and heard a kid say “that is a weird elephant” We didn’t do the whole aquarium as Garth was hungry and I know not to get in the way of him eating when he needs to eat! We decided to head for the World Showcase for some food via Club Cool. Thailand’s was my favourite, melon frosty mm. Garth liked the orangey Japan one. We’d never tried Beverly but we gave it a go and it’s a no from us! I also loved the pineapple one from Greece. We got some quick photopasses and then continued our trip to Mexico for lunch.

On the way we passed Duffy’s old meeting spot, Pluto was meeting there! Poor old Duffy. We got to La Cantina and got Nachos and a Mexican pop drink. We used a QS credit but it would have cost $15.15+tax. It was packed as it always is there so we went to sit on the steps and eat.

The nachos were really good. They had plasticy American cheese but they were good anyway, although a bit spicey! The drink was nice too. We had to go back to get napkins after making a right mess of ourselves. As we were cleaning ourselves up we started to feel drops of rain so we hastily headed onto the temple.

We spent ages looking at all the museum bits. Garth and I are really “see it all people” and can spend ages just reading all the information there is! When we went to the Harry Potter Studios with my family they got really impatient waiting for us, we just love learning stuff So when it’s just us we love taking our time and taking in as much as possible. We went on the boat ride next.

It’s a cute ride. When Frozen came to the World Showcase I was annoyed that they were integrating movies when I preferred the focus on culture. However now they’ve started they may as well carry on and I’m rooting for a Coco ride to come here It’s still a bittersweet idea, feels like colonialism all over again with the films imposing on Epcot! But I loved Coco. We looked in some shops next.

Standard. We had originally booked San Angel Inn for today but changed the booking because we thought Yak and Yeti would be a better use of money. No regrets as our meal there had been fab. We hung around until 1.20pm when our Frozen Ever After FP came active. The rain hadn’t picked up outside thankfully.

50 minute standby time, not too bad really. We didn’t wait long in the fastpass queue. The details in the queue are lovely and really immersive. It looked like you went through Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post in the standard queue so we’ll have to rope drop this ride next time to see all the details, or just wait in line like everyone else of course!

Lighting was naff in the queue but it was so sweet. I liked the ride a lot but I was still sad about Maelstrom. It felt very different from other dark rides in that it didn’t tell the story of Frozen which was a nice change.

We had a look in the shop afterwards.

Wish I’d bought this! We got a pic by the waterfall but it wasn’t very good.

We headed to the bakery next.

It all looked great. Garth really loved the look of Anna’s birthday cupcake but he had been planning the school bread so went for that. I got the Viking mousse cake. It would have cost $7.88+tax but we used 2 snack credits. We went and found a nice bit of wall to sit on.

Mine was ok but not as good as the mousse I had from France last week. Garth didn’t seem sold on the school bread until he got to the filling, that did it for him! He loved it. From where we were sitting you could see over Morocco to Tower of Terror.

Love how they blend in together. It was around 2pm and we were ready for a break after our early start so we headed out of the park booking a fastpass for later for Test Track on our way. We were on a bus by 2.15 and were home at 2.25. Staying on site was greeeat. The cleaner hadn’t been so we put the do not disturb sign up as we were planning a doze. Garth tried getting graduation tickets again and succeeded this time! We got into our pjs and got into bed at 2.45. The alarm went off after an hour of really good sleep. We had a quick wash, got dressed again, updated the budget spreadsheet and left the room taking the $200 gift card and Garth’s mug with us. Garth wanted a coffee but the machines were out so he got a vanilla root beer. We stopped by reception to pay off the room balance with the gift card. Over the week we’d spent $6ish on Garth’s dessert in France, $20ish on ponchos and $50ish on our graduation hats so we still had plenty on the gift card after we’d paid it off. We got to the bus stop at 4.25.

And were on our way by 4.30, arriving back in Epcot up 4.37. Garth had wrapped his mug in a universal gift bag to stop it dripping in the backpack and the bag check lady told him off We got a few more photopass, you can never have enough!

As soon as we were through we headed to our Test Track fastpass.

We booked another Illuminations fastpass after we scanned in.

We chuckled in the queue remembering that funny video of the people fighting in the Test Track queue. Obviously it wouldn’t have been funny at all if we were there! When it came to designing our car we went for a Figment car.

When we were going into the next room we accidentally split a larger group up. I pulled Garth aside and told them to go ahead and she totally snapped at me saying “no, just go” rude. In a bid to avoid a repeat of the Test Track queue fight we stayed put! We waited a while but we were soon being tested.

Our car was efficient but not much else! We got out at 5.25pm and went to look sadly at Mission Space which was closed.

We went into Mouse Gear for a look, love this shop.

Disney wedding stuff makes me wish we were getting married here so badly!

We headed back to the World Showcase.

We started in Canada this time. The gardens were so beautiful and I couldn’t remember ever seeing them before.

There was only a 5 minute wait until the next O’ Canada so we stopped off to watch it. I really like this show and we like singing the song to the CD in the car! It makes me really want to go to Canada but I think Canada in Epcot will have to do because I can’t fathom spending a lot on anywhere that doesn’t have ‘Disney’ in the name On the way out of Canada we saw some singers performing.

They were really good. Next time I want to take more time to see all the entertainment bits around the showcase. We went into the UK and used the loos before looking in the shops.

We loved Doctor Who when we were at school! We’re still fans but we were real Whovians when we were younger.

Now we definitely rate Paddington more!

We played guess the price in the food section.

I noted $3.50 for a small galaxy bar and $7 for a bag of fruit pastilles! Seeing the digestive biscuits made me crave them though. We eat so many biscuits at home, we make a cuppa as an excuse to dunk some biscuits We took some pics on the way into France.

We went straight into Impressions de France. I prefer the Canada film! This one went on a bit, would have been a good nap location. Again we went window shopping but it wasn’t as interesting as the UK. We decided it was dinner time now. It was a perfect temperature as we walked round to Japan for our QS of choice Katsura Grill.

We both ordered the chicken cutlet curry. Garth had an iced green tea and I had a coke. It would have cost $32.10+tax but we used 2 QS credits. We took it outside to eat as it was so lovely out.

This was hands down the best quick serve I’ve ever had. At the time I wrote in my notes it was 2nd to Be our Guest but in hindsight I’d take this over BOG 100%. It was soooo good. I’d sell Garth to have this again right now. It started to rain so we popped our ponchos on. We headed for the American Adventure but there wasn’t a show until 8.15pm and it was only 7.45pm now. We didn’t want to hang around too long but American Music Machine were about to begin so we went to watch.

These guys were great! They performed completely acapella and their voices were so powerful it was kind of surreal. They did a good variety of songs like Black Eyed Peas, Katy Perry, Michael Jackson, The Eagles, loads. There wasn’t much of an audience which was a shame because they were amazing. They finished just past 8pm and Garth was up for a funnel cake. The snack credit option just came with sugar. It would have cost $7 but we used a credit of course.

One happy G.

It was raining so we walked round to some tables in Morocco. I had a bit but he demolished most of it. It was good but I prefer funnel cakes with ice cream. When we’d eaten Garth went to find the loos but came back twice having not found them. He decided he’d go in the UK on the way to our fastpass but as we got up and left I saw them straight away and off he went

We got to the fastpass area at 8.35pm. We sat ourselves behind a fence so nobody could get in front and sat down.

We played heads up for a bit and Garth posted a pic on Instagram. When the show started it was sooo much better than the other night, everything was working properly. We realised how many fireworks had been missing last time. Seeing it properly made us decide we definitely love Illuminations a bit more than Happily Ever After. I love the view from the fastpass area too. After the show we walked out quickly. On the way out the park a security man called me princess! For the first time this trip I had FINALLY been called a princess, hallelujah. It totally made my night. I also grabbed some Mickey stickers from a castmember handing them out to kids on the way out We were at the bus stop by 9.22pm and it arrived at 9.30pm. We were in the room at 9.53pm. The maid just hadn’t come today! She must have come during our nap and not come back but we didn’t mind. We had quick showers and got straight into bed, reading some of Lou Mongello’s WDW trivia book and testing each other as we got sleepy It had literally been a perfect day.

Tomorrow we slow it down a bit with a trip to Typhoon Lagoon and visit Port Orleans Riverside

Steps today: 21826

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