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Continued from previous post

We had a power nap until 3pm and then got ready for the evening. Our plan tonight was Animal Kingdom. We had a FastPass for FoP (woop) and I really wanted to see Pandora at night. The weather wasn’t looking that great, but hey, what can ya do?

At the bus stop we laughed at this tree. It reminded us of Sid the Sloth from Ice Age hahahaha!

We arrived at Animal Kingdom at 4.15pm and of course entered via Rainforest Café.

Our FastPass window for Flight of Passage was already open, so we headed straight for Pandora

I dunno why he always wants to get sprayed by these things hahaha!

Flight of Passage time! Woop! Let's see if any of the eagle eyed viewers can guess what happened next…..

We tapped in successfully (green lights) and continued along the queue. All the while remarking that the queue wasn’t how we remembered it. We then got to the second FP post and BLUE LIGHTS. Chris gives me the "the look". You know the look you get when you have f'd up? But I am thinking there is no way I have the time wrong, I double checked while we were at the bus stop! The CM then ever so politely informs us that we are actually in the Na'vi River queue. OMG MORTIFIED doesn’t cover it. I can't believe none of us realised that we had joined the wrong queue! I mean, how daft?!

We quickly slinked out of the queue and hot footed it for FoP. I was totally stressing in case we wouldn’t get in given that the Na'vi River one had turned green, but thankfully we were granted access! Phew.

Now, THIS is how we remember the queue!

Happy to be heading on the right attraction

Flight of Passage was even better than we remembered. It's just a bloody wonderful attraction with top notch technology. Bravo Disney! More of the same please!

On the way out I could hear that the Pandora Ranger was out and I had been desperate to see him, but MY GOD, folk were moving sooooooo slow. Chris was totally laughing at me getting enraged. I'm all for stopping to smell the roses and taking it in, but not in a line of moving people! MOOOOOOOOOVE! My annoyance wasn’t helped by Chris, who had somehow found another way out and beat me to the end. Humph.

Anyway, we still managed to catch some of the ranger and it was pretty cool!

Time for food now and for the second time this trip, we opted to try somewhere new at AK! Satuli Canteen!

The theming in here is, as you'd imagine, very good.

We ordered our food and drinks (Chicken bowl with green onion sauce, cheeseburger pod, Dreamwalker Sangria and a Pandoran Sunrise) and I left Chris to wait for it as I was BURSTING for the loo. He was under strict instructions to photograph the food. He didn't fail me, seems he took his job very seriously!

My drink was non-alcoholic and very lovely. Chris's was alcoholic and far too strong for me. He liked it though.

As for the food, the noodles and chicken bowl was tasty enough. I mean, it was fine and a nice change, but I'd probably revert back to the normal fare next time. Chris said the cheeseburger pod was tasteless, so that was disappointing as I'd read rave reviews. I didn’t try it.

Back out to Pandora for more photos. The beauty of this land can't be conveyed in a photo though, can it? Although, I do think this first photo looks like a painting

Continued in next post
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