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Originally Posted by dx4100 View Post
When I last went in May 2018 (8am breakfast) after passing the first set of cast members there was two queues. One to the right to order and pay for food and one to the left which was pre-ordered guests.

There was no queue to the left and a huge queue to the right. I can imagine during really busy time the queue on the left might for to a handful of mins but nothing like the queue to the right where people are ordering.

So I am presuming if YG found a huge queue at 8:20 they are almost certainly referring to the right hand queue and not the left hand queue for pre-ordered customers.

EDIT: after reading the post you are right - I misread with a tired head this morning - they didn't say they waited long at all

I will leave my post as is though as it might help someone
I agree a big queue to the right, we always pre order and go to the left queue once inside, there has always been a few people in front, but not dozens no.
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