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Originally Posted by wdwlife View Post
Strangely panicking about our trip this year even although we've been twice so you could say we know what to expect but I feel like I'm missing some important things off this little checklist I've started.

We go in 10 weeks so not urgent, although it'll come round quick.

Please feel free to add anything you would have on your checklist, it might give me ideas or inspiration for other things.

Travel insurance,
Clothes purchases,
Phone chargers,
Extension cable,
Decide what magic bands we'd like,
Attraction tickets,
Backpack for the parks,
General medicines,
Check-in for flights,
Park itinerary,
First fast pass day date

I really feel like I'm missing plenty of things here, like small practical things?

Also we're staying offsite so I was wondering if it is possible to purchase magic bands online to pick up somewhere in Disney or will we have to wait till we get there? The past twice we've waited until we go there .
Maybe drivers licence if you don't want to carry your passports around. We find them useful. You said chargers so you may include the plug converters in this - we always take 2 or 3.
Also, do you have a card such as Revolut or similar? We only use this as it gives us a better exchange rate (and means we don't have to get cash out and get charged for the pleasure).
I also take little sandwich bags for the tv remotes and kitchen wipes (call me OTT but reading some posts on hotels rooms and experiences, I have decided that I would rather do this- google it if you haven't read them and you aren't eating when reading)

Like you say, I am sure there are a lot more things but these are the first that I thought of
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