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Originally Posted by smithlane View Post
Iíve really enjoyed reading your report Sue (& Georgia!)
Vietnam has never really been on my radar before but it has now piqued my interest, it looks a fascinating place to visit. I think the food issue would worry me, but youíve shown it looks relatively normal - ignorant Westerner over here 😂
I had a tear in my eye reading about your goodbyes to Ian, I really hope it isnít long before you get to see him again xx
Iím so pleased youíve enjoyed it, hard to realise we were there a year ago this week. Iím glad we went last year, it would have been so disappointing to have arranged it for this year only to cancel it all 😢

I felt ashamed of my previous opinions about the food as we all enjoyed it far more than we expected to. Iíve even cooked a few Vietnamese inspired dishes since weíve returned and Georgia has been to a Vietnamese restaurant in Bristol with her friends as she loved the food so much.

We keep in touch with Ian often and itís nice now as we can imagine where he lives more (although he has now changed apartments and moved in with Claudia in a very nice part of the city) Itís good to know heís happy and settled with his life but we do miss him and itís been very difficult this year with him so far away. 😢 The leaving him was very hard last year, and made me miss him even more when we returned, but Iím so pleased that we did go and spend the time with him and I do hope we can do it again one year.
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