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There are three free transit visas that you can do on arrival at Shanghai : 24, 72 and 144hrs- all you can get without having to pay/ apply at an embassy.

Both times I have used they actually start at 00.01 the next day so if your flight arrives at say 5am on the 1st your 144hr visa can actually give you almost 7 days

Important aspect is that you cannot do transit if you are are booking direct return flights to the uk (eg. Uk to Shanghai and return Shanghai to UK) but as you stated above going onwards to Hong Kong (so UK to Shanghai, Shanghai to Hong Kong and then Hong Kong to UK/ anywhere)would work. Your also limited to The Provence you arrive so sadly you wouldnít be able to travel to Say Beijing on a transit visa But itís still a great option especially considering itís free and Shanghai is a great place to visit & I would recommend more rather than less days there as so much to do outside of Disney
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