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Venue update

Hello to all those reading along to my ridiculously early PJ.

I have a few updates for you. My Mum has since pledged a fair amount of money towards the wedding... Neil's parents have said they would contribute something but haven't said how much and I still have to speak to my Dad about the whole thing...

I have since been to my friend's wedding here:

And it was absolutely jaw-droppingly amazing. The Fleece at Ripponden Bank. It's exceptionally close to where we live. So I've sent an email and basically begged for an early booking discount You don't ask you don't get and all that

I've also fallen a little bit in love with this place. This is The Fisherman's Retreat in Ramsbottom.

However, this place is 40 minutes away from where we live. I know this isn't THAT far but as Neil rightly pointed out, it's far enough that people would have to pay a fortune for a taxi home if they didn't want to stay over. There is also no in-house accommodation - although there is some that is close!

I think Neil is keen on this place, it's called Southwood and even though we haven't got the prices yet, I reckon it will be tonnes cheaper than the Fleece and it is close to where we live but I HATE the civil ceremony room. And even though it is lovely, it just doesn't have the views or that WOW factor for me

Neil and I were chatting in bed last night and I was saying that I think one of the reasons I'm struggling with venues so much is that I'm trying to find somewhere I love as much as the Wedding Pavilion and it just ain't happening But doing it abroad just isn't an option as I mentioned before. It would break my Grandma's heart. And there would be a lot of people who couldn't be there who I would want there. And at the end of the day, my family are very close and I think it would break their hearts if they couldn't be there. Not to mention that our best friends are teachers so they definitely couldn't be there without increasing the price of our own Disneymoon substantially.

The fact that these wedding venues are so much more expensive than I thought they were going to be seems to be ensuring that Disney is going to have to be a Memories only state of affairs. I'll have my Mum, Step-Dad, sister and brother. If we had a big do in the UK, I don't think my Dad would be too fussed. Him and my Step-Mum don't go to Disney as religiously as my Mum's side of the family. Then if my sister's bf comes as well, we can either sneak him in or ask him to stand back a little. I find it difficult to comprehend how they can 'police' Memories weddings to be honest!

Anyway, fingers crossed for a discount from the Fleece!

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