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Hello again chaps!

Another update from me. Alas, all the holiday work I had planned to do over the Easter holidays has slightly fallen by the wayside with all this wedding planning!

Neil and I are still facing this location dilemma. I have been actively looking for venues I can see myself falling in love with and literally none of them are wowing me. Neil thinks I'm being too fussy

New favourite is this one. It's close, affordable and has kick ass views! We're going to have a closer look on Saturday So much for waiting till after the holidays

I'm not overly on the ceremony room but I could tart it up a bit

But the main reception room is very nice:

And as you can see from here, the views would be amazing:

The only thing that is putting me off is the fact that oldest friend Sophie got married here 5 years ago. Is that stupid? Probably

However, the idea of running away to have a Disney wedding is becoming more appealing by the day...

I've also recently been been thinking about things like bridesmaids (a whole other dilemma on its own. I am facing the prospect of having 7 bridesmaids. That's right, 7. All with a bouquet and dress to pay for.

1) Sister, Katie (MOH)
2) Goddaughter, Megan
3) Best friend, Olly
4) Old friend from school, Michelle

This is where I would want it to end But I'm also faced with the problems of...

5) Oldest friend, Sophie (I was bridesmaid to her wedding 5 years ago and am Godmother to her oldest child of 2, but we're not really close anymore since she's had two children and we have very little in common now)
6) Uni friend, Kathryn (I don't see her very often, maybe twice a year, but I do adore her and she's never been a bridesmaid before and when we got drunk at Uni - all those years ago - we used to talk about being bridesmaids at each other's weddings and she's brought it up since I got engaged)
7) Vicky - I am a bridesmaid for her wedding this July. She is a lovely girl and I am quite close to her but I have other friends who I am closer with!

Any advice for bridesmaid etiquette that can help me avoid having his many bridesmaids?! 4 is already a lot!

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