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Originally Posted by Nimbus View Post
Are you saying that people in business suits shouldn't be allowed to stay at the hotel? Like nearly all hotels, CSR is open to all - whether they want to visit on holiday or are there on business. I'm sure when the business people are there they probably don't want to be reminded of vacation all the time being in that environment where everyone is enjoying themselves by the pool whilst they're stuck in a meeting.

Although it's marketed as a family hotel by travel agents who are selling the hotel to families, it's also marketed as a convention centre to those looking for a business venue. Clearly, UK travel agents are not going to market it as a convention centre to UK families nor are Disney's business agents going to market it as a family resort to business folk looking for a convention centre. The marketing is targeted at it's audience.

But even if it is primarily a family resort (and, tbh, it is) it shouldn't mean that business people can't have conferences and meetings there.
For goodness sake at what point did I say people arenít entitled to wear suits or go to conventions. Deliberately misinterpreting what Iím saying.

Like you said Iím sure business people donít want to be sitting around people in swimwear and Disney T-shirtís as much as people in swimwear donít want to sit around people in suits, yet that is the situation with this hotel which was precisely my point to begin with! Itís a mix of business people and families on holiday and for about the millionth time I said my impression of this hotel is thatís itís trying to cater more towards business people and conventions which is why as a family I would choose to stay elsewhere.
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