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Day 13 - CBR, POR and Magic Kingdom

Our last full day We started it with breakfast at CBR, using 4QS credits and our resort mugs. We got:
Me - Mickey waffles with bacon and strawberries wjth a strawberry and banana smoothie.
Andy - Feta and spinach omelette with sausages and a pain au chocolat.
Izzy - Pancakes with a croissant.
Brodie - Chocolate chip pancakes with sausages and a croissant.

The Mickey waffles were disappointing They were really stodgy and seemed undercooked in the middle. The strawberries was a warm strawberry compote, the type that's used on strawberry flan, rather than fresh strawberries. The smoothie was refreshing, but stronger in banana flavour than strawberry.
Andy said his omelette was really tasty and he wished he'd tried it sooner in the holiday. A definite hit and I think he'll be having it for breakfast tomorrow morning. Izzy and Brodie were happy enough with their pancakes and croissants.

For lunch we decided to go to POR for some of the food that we all enjoyed so much last year. We used 4QS credits and ordered far too much food! We should have remembered how large the portions were. We got:
Me - Create your own salad with mixed salad leaves, chicken, cucumber, tomatoes, red peppers, grated carrot, chickpeas, walnuts, pecans and an Asian sesame ginger dressing. Two photos of mine - one in the bowl that it comes in and one with some on a plate.
Andy - Tuna salad sandwich on a multi grain croissant with house-made chips (crisps).
Izzy - Create your own pasta with fettuccine, alfredo sauce, chicken, onion, spinach, broccoli, peas and mushrooms with a breadstick.
Brodie - Create your own pasta with penne, alfredo sauce, chicken, broccoli, mushrooms and parmesan with a breadstick.

(Pasta photos by Brodie again, so not the best!)
The salad was so good, but a massive portion. I often ended up taking some back to the room last year to pop in the fridge and tuck in to later. There's a wide choice of ingredients that you can add and 4 different dressings, plus olive oil and balsamic. They're so fresh and tasty and I've really missed the option this year. Andy really enjoyed his tuna salad croissant, but added some salt to the chips as they were a bit bland. Izzy and Brodie tucked in to their pasta with enthusiasm and delight. However, both only managed about half of their portion as they are big. So, Andy helped out a bit and enjoyed them too. Everything was as good as we remembered it

Afterwards I used another QS credit to get 3 cookies and cream milkshakes.

These are so good and we had them all the time last year. They're freshly made with whichever ice cream flavour you choose as they have proper scooping ice cream at POR rather than just the soft serve that's at CBR.

At Magic Kingdom we used 4 snack credits at the Plaza ice cream parlour and Main Street Bakery to get:
Me - Double scoop of cookies and cream ice cream.
Andy - Double scoop of raspberry sorbet.
Brodie - Double scoop of cookies and cream ice cream.
Izzy - Lemon cake.

All really good, but the ice cream and sorbet portions were huge and really filling!

Dinner was a low key event at CBR with only 2 of us ordering something as we'd filled up quite a lot on ice cream!
Izzy - plain pasta with grilled chicken, a breadstick and chocolate chip cookie.
Me - Vegetable flatbread with a packet of pretzels for Brodie.

My flatbread was okay. A nice amount of vegetables on it, but could have done with a bit more sauce on the base. I yearned for a pizza from Blaze though. Izzy said her chicken was really good, and the pasta was, well, pasta!

The night was finished off with 3 snacks - 1 box of Ritz crackers and 2 pain au chocolat.

Tomorrow is the day we travel home I'm not expecting much from food tomorrow tbh, as think we'll be at CBR, then MCO, then JFK with some plane food I'll finish the report off as soon as I'm back home.

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