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DLP: For One Day Only! (May 2019)

Well this trip report has come a little out of the blue as this was very much an impromptu visit to Disneyland Paris in that we only decided we were going a week before! We had booked our trip to Villages Nature Paris (basically French Center Parcs that is just outside DLP) back last year and had agreed at the time that we wouldn’t factor DLP into our plans as we knew we had WDW coming up later in the year so would be getting our Disney fix then… fast forward to the weekend before we were due to go and Paul casually asked me how much day tickets were for DLP and after my initial guess of around €99 per person I of course scurried away immediately to have a check online! And I am rather pleased I did as I discovered that if you pre-book tickets they are considerably cheaper and they are also currently running an offer for certain dates that allows you to get adult tickets at the child price! For the Monday during our trip the price would be $44.85 for a one-day, one-park ticket. At that price there was absolutely no way we could refuse so tickets were booked (and with Charlie being under three he was free too!)…. Disneyland Paris here we come!

I had been keeping an eager eye on the weather forecast during the week leading up to our visit and was relieved to see it was looking like sunshine and warm temperatures… so you can imagine my horror when we woke up on the Monday morning to rain! Not just a shower, full on torrential rain! But hey ho, a rainy day at Disney is better than a sunny day anywhere else right? (A saying I repeated to myself several times over the next couple of soggy hours!).

We left our apartment at 8:50am and made a dash to the car. Despite the car park only being a few minutes’ walk away we arrived at the car absolutely drenched! Not a good start! After loading up the car with the pushchair and buckling Charlie into his car seat we were on our way… windscreen wipers working overtime!

It was a short drive over to Disney and by 9:10am we were pulling into the car park… which unsurprisingly was pretty empty! (Although I can confirm there were others as crazy as us braving the rain!). We parked up the car in section A (I told you it was empty, we were right at the front!) and unloaded the car as quickly as we could before making a mad dash to the under-cover walkway. When I say it was raining, I mean it was raining… like Florida levels of rain! We were both absolutely drenched with our shoes literally soaked through! We then had the task of trying to coax Charlie into his pushchair so we could keep him dry under the rain cover… this did not go down well at all (our little Mr Independent much prefers to walk than to be pushed!) but after a little gentle persuasion with a box of raisins he was strapped in and we were ready to make our way to the entrance.

It was a short walk from the car park and soon we were making our way in through security and over towards Disneyland Park. We decided on one-park only tickets as we knew it would be a huge push to try and cram the two parks into one day and of course of the two parks we decided today would be all about Disneyland Park! We arrived at the turnstiles at 9:50am, the park officially opened at 10am but we were allowed straight in and were happy to see no queues (the rain did have some positives).

Despite the rain there was no denying that entering the park was still magical. The music gets me every time and catching that first glimpse of the castle made my heart happy. It may not have been the most picturesque view walking down Main Street towards the castle but I was beyond happy to be there and so excited for the day of fun ahead!

We stopped in front of the castle briefly for a few photos but it was still pouring with rain so decided we best retreat to somewhere dry to give Charlie some breakfast!

We headed in the direction of Discoveryland with Café Hyperion our destination. They don’t serve food in there until later in the day but I had come prepared with some food for Charlie as I knew he would be needing breakfast pretty soon after arriving at the park and as they have plenty of seating we thought it would be a good place to plot up to feed him whilst also trying to dry out a little!

On making our way inside Charlie was very happy to be released from the pushchair and took great delight in having a run around, he was particularly taken with the lights in the floor!

After letting him stretch his legs for a little while we headed up to the seating area and found a table on the very top (it seems a lot of people had had the same idea of coming here to seek shelter from the rain as many of the tables were taken!). We pulled over a highchair and popped Charlie in to feast on his banana and pain au chocolate. We also gave him a dose of Calpol as he had been struggling with his teeth the past few days and we wanted to keep him as happy as possible during the busy day ahead.

Charlie scoffed down his banana (as always, I’m sure that boy is half monkey) but was less interested in the pain au chocolate so I happily helped get rid of that. With everything cleared away and Charlie wiped down we headed back down towards the toilets so I could pop in and rinse out the Calpol syringe and also do the very important task of putting on my ears (it looked like the rain was dying down so I was confident I wouldn’t need the hood of my coat up anymore!). Lovely rose gold ears courtesy of Characterful Crafts on Etsy (Jen is a dream to deal with and I was able to wear these all day without any discomfort at all!).

On leaving the loo I tag teamed with Paul whilst Charlie enjoyed having a good run around.

By now it was 10:30am and we were all set to get cracking with our day. On making it outside we were delighted to find it had stopped raining! Charlie had no interest in getting into his pushchair so we popped on his Mickey backpack so he could have a wander without the risk of him straying too far.

Charlie was absolutely loving the freedom of being able to walk and taking great interest in his surroundings! Every bin was pointed at, every fence was touched, every leaf was picked up, every kerb was stepped up… I likened him to a schizophrenic puppy! It became very clear very quickly that we wouldn’t be rushing around the parks like we had in previous trips! The joy on his face though as he was taking it all in was absolutely magical though, if this is what our trips to Disney would now be then fine by me!

For those of you who have read my previous reports will be in no surprise that our first port of call was It’s a Small World… we weren’t about to break with tradition that this has to be our first ride! On arriving outside we found the wait time to be 10 minutes so we parked up the pushchair and headed on inside.

The queue moved nice and quickly and we were loaded onto a boat within 5 minutes. Thankfully Charlie seems to share our love of IASW and was thoroughly engrossed the whole way round, pointing out the different animals he could see and bopping up and down with excitement. It was truly so lovely to see and made me realise just how much he has grown up since he was on this very ride just 9 months ago.

On leaving the ride I ran to grab the pushchair and then we headed in the direction of Peter Pan’s Flight to pick up some FPs. On arriving the time being allocated was 11:45-12:15 which was less than an hour away so we were most happy with that (and showed how quiet the park was!).

Whilst we were standing outside Peter Pan a very cute little boy came over to show Charlie’s his Stitch teddy. He was such a friendly little thing and was chatting away with us and when I told him we were off to ride Pirates of the Caribbean he was telling us how he had ridden it the day before and that it is very scary as it has hills, so cute!

We arrived at POTC at 11:10am and found it had a 5 minute wait, we were loving how quiet it was. Parking up the pushchair once more we headed inside (rather slowly as of course Charlie had to stop at every bin on the way!).

We walked pretty much straight onto a boat and were happy to be allocated the front row. We sat Charlie on the bench between us with him holding one of our hands in each of his, he didn’t seemed phased by the darkness in the slightest! We tightened our grip on him a little more on approaching the ‘hill’… I’m always surprised by how steep this drop is, much steep than Orlando I am sure! Charlie loved it though, although the look on his face in the ride photo is one of shock!

On leaving POTC our Peter Pan FP had opened up so we headed back over to Fantasyland, stopping for a few photos along the way (I love the theming around Adventureland).

The leaf collecting continued as we walked over… this one was gifted to me!

On arriving at Peter Pan’s Flight we entered through the FP entrance and after a 5 minute wait we were loaded into our boat and set sail. This was one of Charlie’s favourites on visiting last year and he seemed to love it again this time around… watching him holding onto the bar made my heart swell! I loved watching him take everything in.

As we emerged from Peter Pan we were most happy to see the rain had totally cleared up and the sun was coming out… I even got my sunglasses out! After so much walking we were keen to get Charlie to rest up a bit so managed to lure him into the pushchair with the promise of a rice cake.

We decided to walk through the castle, taking the route that leads you down and underneath so we could stop by and visit the dragon (I wish they had this in WDW, it’s a cool addition). Charlie was excited to see him and kept waving and making a his roaring noise (clearly no fear of such mythical creatures!)

Waving goodbye to the dragon we stopped down at the front of the castle to take some photos, I was very happy the rain had now stopped!

We then decided to walk a bit further out as there is a great spot to take photos that allows an undisturbed view of the castle. I now it may be controversial but I do think this is the prettiest of the Disney castles.

As Charlie was starting to get pretty tired by this point we thought it would be a good idea to encourage him to have a nap so we headed off in the direction of Discoveryland to have a wander in hope the motion of the pushchair would send him off (it usually does).

On making it as far as Star Tours we found it was only a 5 minute wait and seeing as I hadn’t gotten to ride it during our last trip back in August Paul suggested I go on whilst he carried on walking around with Charlie (he is a good egg!). So off I went!

I pretty much walked straight on which was great and was seated in the back row. I totally forgot how sick this ride akes me feel! I can off feeling rather light headed (probably not helped by having an empty stomach!).

On coming out I quickly located Paul and found Charlie fast asleep in his pushchair… the walking around had worked!

As we were both very hungry by this point, we hadn’t actually had any breakfast so it was no wonder really! (Well I had eaten Charlie’s discarded pain au chocolate earlier but I’m not counting that!). We decided to head back into Café Hyperion to grab some lunch, arriving there at 12:45pm. Luckily the lunch time rush wasn’t too bad and we were soon served up our food, both of us opting for the cheeseburger meal which came with chips, a drink and a Magnum ice cream.

Charlie stayed asleep the whole time whilst we ate, so it was a rather calm and peaceful meal! And really delicious, we have never had a bad burger here so I definitely recommend!

With our bellies full we decided to make the most of Charlie being asleep by taking a stroll down Main Street and popping in some of the shops.

Charlies nap was shorter than we was expecting though and whilst wandering around one of the shops on Main Street he woke up and was rather determined to not go back off! Admitting defeat we left the shops and headed over to the baby care center so we could change his nappy. They do have changing tables in the toilets but he can be a little temperamental with hand driers and given he had just woken up I didn’t want to risk him getting upset mid nappy change!

With a nice fresh nappy (and no hand dryer issues) we headed back out with a plan to find somewhere to sit down and give Charlie his lunch. We decided to head in the direction of Frontierland and ended up grabbing a table in the covered seating area at Fuente Del Oro as it was lovely and quiet and their was a highchair available. I had brought Charlie a packed lunch so he happily tucked into his jam sandwich, crisps, fruit and then finished off with a yoghurt. Given he hadn’t eaten much breakfast it was good to seem him scoff down all his lunch!

With Charlie wiped down and set free from the confines of the highchair we headed on out and then had the task of trying to steer him away from a big yellow safety cone… he took quite a liking to it!

Next up was Phantom Manor! I was super excited to ride this after it had been closed for so long for refurbishment! On arriving outside the wait time said 13 minutes… I assumed this meant it was a walk one like it does in WDW, it clearly doesn’t as we queued for about 15 minutes before getting into the stretching room so clearly it was a pretty accurate wait time!

I was a little apprehensive of how Charlie would be on this given it’s very dark and a rather creepy but he was not concerned in the slightest. He sat happily between Paul and I the whole way round without making a peep!

On leaving the manor we decided we would head back over to Fantasyland and given it was quite a walk we knew it would be easiest to get Charlie back into the pushchair… so out came the rice cakes once more a form of bribery! I am happy to report they worked a treat!

On making it round to Fantasyland we stopped by Peter Pan to pick up some FPs. The time now was 3:20pm but the return time being allocated wasn’t until 18:10, it had definitely got a bit busier now the rain had stopped!

FPs safely tucked away we made a beeline for IASW and were happy to see it only had a 10 minute wait (although we were on in less than 5 minutes so even better!). Another great ride on the happiest cruise that ever sailed!

We did intend to ride the Storybook canal boats next but on arriving out front they were posting a 15 minute wait and we were a little dubious about Charlie’s patience queuing as it is a rather dull windy line that doesn’t have much to look at! So we decided to come back for that and instead back into Discoveryland.

First port of call on arriving there was Café Hyperion as Paul wanted to grab a fountain Coke (yes the obsession continues). Whilst Paul queues up for this I coaxed Charlie back into his buggy and gave him a bottle of milk.

We continued to stroll through Discoveryland whilst Charlie sat in his pushchair and enjoyed his bottle and as we walked past Hyperspace Mountain the single rider queue was only a 10 minute wait so Paul headed in to ride. We had both ridden single rider back in August and absolutely loved it! Whilst Paul was gone I continued to keep Charlie on the move!

Paul was soon back having enjoyed his ride into space, and like the brilliant contributor that he is to these reports he remembered to take a snap of his ride photo on the way out!

It was now 4:55pm and with the parade due to start at 5:30pm we were hopeful that the queues would be starting to shorten a little so we headed back in the direction of the Storybook canal boats. On arriving over there the wait time was still posted as 15 minutes but we decided to brave it as we had loved this ride on our last visit and were super keen to get on it again whilst we were there today. The queue was pretty much spot on 15 minutes and Charlie did get a little fidgety waiting in the queue but handled it pretty well considering there was very little to keep him distracted!

On loading into our boat we were happy to be allocated the front row!

It’s such a cute ride and even more enjoyable with the sun shining!

On leaving the canal boats we headed straight to the Casey Jr. train and were surprised to see it at only a 5 minute wait (the parade clearly was working in our favour now) so we headed straight in and were soon loaded on a train.

I sat in front of Charlie and Paul, giving me a the perfect view for photos! This is another super cute ride, and surprisingly faster than it looks! Charlie being the little thrill seeker that he is of course loved it!

We were on a bit of roll now ticking of rides so the next stop was the Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups, also only a 5 minute wait!

Paul did his standard trick of spinning us like crazy, Charlie seemed to enjoy that more than I did!

Next up… the carousel. It was posted as a 10 minute wait but we pretty much walked straight on. We hadn’t ridden this on our last trip and I was a bit concerned about how Charlie would be sitting on one of the horses so we opted for the tactic of Paul standing with him and holding on whilst I sat and rode on a horse next to him. This had to be one of my highlights of the day, watching him riding on his horse literally brought me to tears. He sat so beautifully and the look of concentration on his face was just adorable. Just a magic moment that will stay with me for a life time.

We left the carousel and Paul popped off for a quick toilet break whilst I loitered around with Charlie and offered up some rice cakes to keep him entertained.

Our FP for Peter Pan had now opened up but from where we were stood we could see the FP queue snaked right out past the entrance so we decided to give it a miss as by this point we were all getting rather hungry and getting some dinner felt like a much better plan!

Prior to arriving that day we had already called out that we wanted to eat at Colonel Haiti’s Outpost as this has been a favourite on previous trips and does the best pizza so we headed off in that direction. You can imagine the disappointment when we arrived there to find it closed! Ok Plan B, off to Hakuna Matata instead! We had never eaten here before but were up for giving it a try! I opted for the meatballs and rice, Paul had the chicken strips with sweetcorn fries and a side of mozzarella strips and we ordered Charlie the chicken nuggets and vegetables of the kids menu.

The food was really good although Charlie ate very little… I think the exhaustion started to hit now and he was feeling the effect of having such a short nap earlier in the day. As we were finishing up our food we realised we had a code brown situation on our hands and rather than packing everything up right away I took Charlie over to the toilets opposite Big Thunder Mountain whilst Paul stayed and finished his food and guarded all our stuff. I won’t go into detail as no one needs to hear it but it was quite an eventful nappy change that resulted in a lot of mess… lets just say it would have been a two-man job yet I had to handle it solo… bonus parenting points to me on this one! Thankfully we didn’t have any drama with hand driers so at least that was one positive!

With Charlie all freshened up we headed back to Hakuna Matata and gathered everything up, leaving there at 7:20pm. Given how tired Charlie was we popped him back in the pushchair and set off to have a little stroll.

On arriving out the front of Indiana Jones I was most excited to see it was only a 5 minute wait to I left the boys behind and headed on inside. I forgot how much this ride throws you around, I cam off feeling like my brain had been thoroughly rattled around! Luckily its super short so you are off pretty quickly!

I did say to Paul he should go and ride given it was a walk on but he declined the offer (clearly a better memory than mine of how brutal it is!) so with that we headed off. With Charlie getting sleepier by the minute I was keen to get back down to the castle to get some photos of him before he fell asleep! To get there we walked back through via the dragon, Charlie again giving him a cheery wave hello!

On making it out the front of the castle we released Charlie from his pushchair so we could get some photos. I took countless here but I will limit how many I share in fear or boring you with all of them!

We moved further out into the hub and Charlie was having a great time running around, climbing on benches, swinging on fences, jumping off curbs… he really was living his best life! It was lovely to see people reacting to him with big smiles!

We slowly made our way back over towards Discoveryland as I was super keen to get a ride on Hyperspace Mountain before the day was out (I say slow as we allowed Charlie to walk the whole way there so there was a lot of stopping on route!).

On arriving outside of Hyperspace Mountain (it was now 8:35pm) we found the single rider queue had closed as the standby time was now only 10 minutes but I actually ended up walking straight on which was brilliant! I absolutely love this ride, I have to say it’s probably up there as one of my all-time favourite rollercoasters, the initial launch is fantastic! Annoyingly the way in which I exited didn’t take me past the photo kiosk so no ride photo for me!

On leaving Hyperspace Mountain I wanted to have a quick look in Constellations, the gift shop next to Buzz Lightyear. Charlie was getting very tired by this point so Paul waited with him outside. I had a pretty brisk look around and did pick up a lovely ‘Home Sweet Home’ mug (have you even been to Disney if don’t leave with a new mug?!). I had seen this one a few time on Instagram so was happy to have my very own one! This set me back €10.99 plus I also bought a small bag for €1 (no plastic bags in DLP now).

On leaving the shop at 9:10pm I found Paul outside with a sleeping Charlie in his arms!

He looked beyond cute so we quickly headed down closer to the castle to get some photos of him whilst so peaceful!

With Charlie well and truly out for the count Paul managed to carefully get him down into his pushchair where he stayed peacefully asleep.

We took a leisurely stroll back up Main Street and once making it to the top I popped into City Hall. We had been over in Disney Village on the Saturday evening to have dinner at Rainforest Café and whilst there I managed to lose my Fitbit so I wanted to pop in and see on the off chance if anyone had handed it in. No such luck but always worth an ask! Whilst there I noticed this ‘Euro Disney’ sign on the wall which made me chuckle as I always correct people when they call DLP ‘Euro Disney’!

With Charlie sound asleep we took the time to have a wander around the shops on Main Street although refrained from buying anything.

We decided at this point that we would leave the park before the fireworks as they weren’t due to be on until park closing at 11pm and we were concerned they might Charlie up. Before leaving though we wanted to go and take one last look at the castle so we headed back down Main Street taking the arcade route behind the shops (I love it down there!)

Down at the castle I got a few last snaps, it was looking truly beautiful all lit up at night.

And with that it was time to head on out.

At the top of Main Street I stopped by one of the €2 coin machines as I had gotten Charlie a 2018 one last year and wanted to mark this trip with a 2019 one.

By the time we were making our way out of the park exit it was 10pm.

Before heading back to Villages Nature Paris we made a stop at World of Disney. I had seen a lovely carry-on suitcase when we had been there on the Saturday evening and I was keen to pick one up to take home (€89.99). Perfect for our upcoming trip to WDW! We also picked up a Mickey Mouse t-shirt (€16.99).

We made it back to the car at 22:40pm and successfully managed to transfer Charlie from the pushchair to the car seat without him waking up… this is a testament to how tired he must have been as this is never usually possible!

We made the short drive back to Villages Nature Paris and by the time we had parked up, unloaded the car and walked back to our apartment it was 11:10pm. Charlie stayed asleep the whole time and only woke up when we had to get him into his OJs. But after some milk he was soon back down to sleep!

So that brings us to the end of our jam-packed one-day trip to Disneyland Paris! I was a little dubious of how much we would achieve in just one day but we ticked off so many things and it truly was the most fabulous day of fun. It may have started off rather wet but the sun came out for us and the weather ended up being perfect! It was wonderful to see Charlie reacting to everything and it has made me even more excited to take him out to WDW later this year. It also has served as a good insight to how different Disney holidays will now be with a little person in tow… no more rushing from ride to ride but instead slowing down the pace and taking the time to soak it all in. My new motto is ‘be more like Charlie’… jump off the curb, pick up the leaf, swing on the fence… just maybe don’t touch the bin!

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