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Originally Posted by madhatter3 View Post
Thanks for your reports, we are doing qsdp for the 1st time next year, previously only ever done ddp..
you have given me lots of ideas.
We are staying at cbr and I know the food court may not be finished by then... we love our breakfast.. haven't figured what to do yet.
There's definitely plenty of food on the qsdp. We've had the ddp twice and this is our third time on the qsdp. We do enjoy table service meals, but I never got the timings right when booking as we were either no hungry or ravenous Having the flexibility of the Landry's card has been good. Andy and I both got one, so they've worked out well for us

Originally Posted by Juliemack View Post
Enjoying your report so far, the DS ones are of particular interest as we'll be eating there a lot when we're at SSR at the end of the month. Totally agree with Izzy re. eating undercooked burgers ... and I often eat my steak rare! We're looking forward to trying Blaze too, looks like one will do us with the salads (we're paying oop)
I'm sure you'll enjoy both Blaze and D-Luxe Burger. There's a new place opening in a few days called The Polite Pig. Sounds like a BBQ/smokehouse type place so no good for us due to Izzy's aversion to all things smoked, but another one to add to the list

Originally Posted by Alien View Post
it's nice to put face on such a friendly and helpful dibber! Beautiful family!

We didn't think much of CBR food either I have to say, but as you said you don't have to eat there. There was some curry that was nice as far as I remember. Cocktails at pool bar are terrible in my opinion - avoid!
Yes, the food court has been disappointing. We do like somewhere with a decent food court for those days when you just want to relax and not have to go elsewhere to eat. Unless it drastically improved with the refurbishment, it'll be POR/POFQ for us unless the price difference is too big to justify. We're not ones for cocktails really, so haven't tried the pool bar, but doesn't sound like we're missing out.

Originally Posted by Popsickle View Post
Your report is so useful, did you write up notes before you went so you get the most out of it? How are you doing with your credits, do you think they'll all be used?
This is my fifth time on a dining plan, so I'm a bit of an old hand at it now I do like to keep up to date with dinjng plan and menu changes, and the dining plan threads are the ones that you'll often find me on. Glad you're finding it useful though.

We're not doing too well as far as credits go. We've got 4.5 days left and still have 51 QS and 45 snack credits left. We had a lot more earlier today but made good use of them snacking around Epcot tonight

Originally Posted by Mr Tom Morrow View Post
Vickie. Sorry but I totally mised this whole thread

Excellent report and some really nice food being had by all. Your knowledge and suggestions of where to go, what to order and the accompanying pictures will certainly help a lot of others make decisions on where to dine. Well done, excellent review/report. Have fun!
Thank you I know QS isn't really your thing, but thought it would be helpful for people on the qsdp to see some of the other options available. I'm saving all the lovely signature restaurants for our trips once the children are older and we can enjoy them more

Originally Posted by hjanea46 View Post
Loving your report- its my first stop each morning! However I'm a cinnamon disliker too and I was so looking forward to a waffle bowl sundae on our first day- never mind!
Thanks for stopping by every day I was disappointed to discover the cinnamon flavour, but the rest of it was delicious!

Originally Posted by caitlinsmummy View Post
Those pizzas look lovely and I'm not surprised Izzy couldn't manage the fries, that burger looks huge! Good tip about the 2 pizzas between the 3 of you x
The pizzas and burgers were really good. Definitely a great addition to the QS restaurants at Disney Springs

Originally Posted by Rossmasa View Post
Great Food Report Vickie

Some useful tips for how QSDP works for this year , top tip on 1QS credit for 3 snack credits , and also swapping drink for a snack especially on resort where you would have your resort mug with you.

Great to see you have found the delight that is Chocolate Frappe at Starbucks , "Venti" all the way !
The answer to whether it's 2 or 3 snacks for a QS credit is still unclear, but so far I've been able to do 3 everywhere I've tried which has been good.

Had another venti chocolate chip frappe today. Love them for a snack credit, but won't be parting with money for them once we're back in the UK - that's a habit that's too expensive for my tastes

Originally Posted by Mrstenberge View Post
Thank you for all the effort you are putting in Vickie, we're staying at CBR on the QSDP in 60 days, so this has been a great help to us. Hope you and your family enjoy the rest of your trip
No problem. I'm sure you'll have a great time. The food court has been disappointing so think that the temporary offerings might be better, especially if they're going to use some of the food trucks. Will be interesting to see what transpires.

Originally Posted by macadoo View Post
Enjoying reading your food report 😊 Thank you. I never realised that you could get half and half large pizzas (we like Pepperoni but kids always want cheese).

Love the pan au chocolate looks like cbr has the nice ones, Por had the horrible sticky ones when we were there last, thought it was maybe a moderate hotel thing but maybe not.
I saw someone ask for half and half at POR last year and thought it was a great idea. I was pleased that they still did them here despite not being shown on the menu. The pain au chocolat are pretty decent too

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