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Originally Posted by DisneyDreamer81 View Post
Those "jerk chips" look nothing like the ones we got at CBR! Ours were like kettle chips with lots of lovely jerk seasoning on them. How disappointing

We only ate at the food court a couple of times but my husband loved the Cuban sandwich they did. If they still do it, it's worth trying!

You're doing so well to keep this up! Really enjoying reading it
Yes, the chips were really bad. I looked at them again to see if we had a bad batch, but they looked exactly the same I've seen a Cuban breakfast sandwich, but it doesn't really appeal to me as a breakfast item. Not planning any more dinners there as we'll either be in the parks or at Disney Springs. Much better offerings there

Originally Posted by 0420wilmut View Post
Loving this Vickie! Very tempted to not upgrade to full DDP after reading this. Glad you're having a great time!
There is plenty of food and throwing in a few oop TS meals is a nice way to do it

Originally Posted by Shani View Post
Loving your report! It's amazing how much and the variety of food you can get on the QSDP, puts our previous efforts to shame! Looking forward to reading more
Thank you. I do like to read menus and research before I go. Plus I'm not a burger fan and and couldn't survive on junk style food for 2 weeks, so I like to know where the better/different options are

Originally Posted by 0420wilmut View Post
I forgot that you could use a Landry Card at Yak & Yeti. Food looked great too.
Yes, it really was good. I live the fact that you don't need to make an ADR and get seated quickly

Originally Posted by Disneyfreaks View Post
This is a great thread / we've always done DDP with table service but DH Keeps suggesting we do the QS next time but I'm scared I'll go hungry (I'm a big eater) plus i always thought it was just pizza, burgers n chips...!
Honestly, there's plenty if food on the QSDP. We have 2 hungry teenagers with us and will still have credits left over when we check out. Our cases will be full of snacks! You can always throw in the odd TS meal and pay oop like we've done

Originally Posted by beegnjasmum View Post
Brilliant thread, some beautiful looking food. Like you I don't drink coffee and that Starbucks chocolate drink looks amazing.

Have a great holiday. So impressed that you are managing to keep up with the report in such detail.
Until this holiday I'd never even stepped foot in a Starbucks! I only went in this one as I'd read that my beloved fruit tart was available in it. The chocolate drink is lovely. They do a few coffee free drinks, but the only other one I can remember right now I'd a strawberries and cream one.

Originally Posted by MariaLynda View Post
Some more great updates. We did Yak n Yeti for the first time last year. Will definitely return and we pay as not on dining plans.

Re starbucks non coffee iced frappes... if you find them a bit too much ice, you can ask for less ice and they just put more milk in and it makes it a little more milkshaky! I always find half way through I've sucked all the milk and my cup is full of icy slush!
Thank you. That's a good tip and one I'll make use of

Originally Posted by collybird View Post
I really like the QS omelettes, we have had so many of the Create-Your-Own ones at Pop/POR I couldn't even start to count!

Great that Blaze and D-Luxe Burger are next to each other, I want to try both and I am not the best at navigating Disney Springs so happy that should be easy enough.

Enjoy Ant & Dec tomorrow! I'll be looking out for you all.
Yes, I had quite a few omelettes at POR last year too. Also liked their yoghurt parfait.

Blade and D-Luxe being so close to each other is great for us. They're in the middle section of Disney Springs and very easy to find if you're using the bus service which now stops there instead if at the Marketplace.

Looking forward to tomorrow. Told the children today as it will mean an earlier start than we've been having. They're so excited!

Originally Posted by GopherLass View Post
Love the veggies on that pizza from Blaze! Yum!

Sorry you didn't get "Happy" as your waiter at Yak and Yeti. Glad the food was good even if the service was surly.

I've never seen Ant and/or Dec - but I gather they are a big deal - hope your kids love the show!
After Bering told I couldn't have the salad I wanted to like the veggies on the pizza. I could have paid for a salad I suppose, but it feels wrong somehow when I have free food available

Yes, we definitely didn't get 'Happy' (or maybe 'Dopey' would be an appropriate name too). We got grumpy. Wonder if they have all of the dwarves working there?

The kids are excited for the show. I'm happy to be able to sit down for a few hours as the feet sure do take some pounding on these holidays!

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