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Originally Posted by lorr05 View Post
I never said I didnít know it was a convention centre.
I think there's some confusion here.

Originally, it sounded like you didn't realise that CSR had a convention center and didn't realise that Disney promotes it to business people to hold conventions and meetings there. So it sounded like you were surprised that there were 2 big conventions and a couple of sports meetings whilst you were there.

But it sounds like that's not the case. You knew it was a convention centre and knew that there was a good chance business people would be there (it's a convention centre after all). It's just that the number of business people seems to have increased since your previous visits - either because the addition of Gran Destino tower has generally increased the number of people including business folk or because Disney is promoting CSR more as a convention centre now (or something). And you also want DIBBers to know that CSR has a convention center - and will have business people there - in case anyone else didn't know.

In addition with trouble with housekeeping and busy buses & eateries, it means that you'd look elsewhere in the future. Fair enough.
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