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I consistently see photographs of victims with ‘no underlying health conditions’ and an a huge number are at best very overweight, at worst borderline morbidly obese. I’m not being rude and I’m not trying to weight-shame anyone but being that overweight IS a health condition and puts massive pressure on the internal organs. Diabetes risk. Cholesterol. So many associated dangers that we are warned about daily by health experts. So, ‘65 and no underlying issues’ becomes ‘pushing the age category for at-risk and already in poor physical condition.’ The pressure on the lungs alone would be catastrophic. It is also worth noting that it is no known conditions. Many are found to have an unknown issue when looked at post-mortem and it was said the other day that all but 4 victims had a condition that was known. There are always going to be a small few in good health who die anyway but that happens with any illness.

I think the fact remains, though. People are being chalked down as a Covid death even in this country if they happened to test positive. There is nothing to definitively say Covid is what killed them and that makes the figures skewed to me. They also give us no basis for comparison. How many died from normal flu? How many would have died anyway? People are running around like headless chickens in a state of constant doom because we are not getting a full picture.

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