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Originally Posted by rudie111 View Post
Plan for it or not, we don't have much choice do we
No we donít, but itís a huge problem so if you are going down the legitimate route, Iím interested to know whether the majority of folks are just gambling on it not happening to them and will worry about it if it does at the time, or researching it in advance for their destination company and having a back up plan or whether some insurance companies cover that specific risk, and if so which ones?
So in my case I visited my sisters home in Spain in July, so could have stayed there for months if need be.
I may visit Italy pre Christmas and I canít make head nor tail of their rules. Iím booked for Antigua in a beautiful villa with family in January and I canít worry about that now, and am due on a DCL cruise in March in and out of the USA so Iíve no idea right now about that either!
Iím guessing most folks just ignore the risk and hope that it wonít happen, so perhaps Iím overthinking it!

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