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Originally Posted by loldis View Post
I have no confidence to travel at the moment because of the risk of being stranded abroad. Nothing to do with fear of catching covid or affordability concerns, but the uncertainty. Because this country has decided that its vaccinated residents still require two tests to enter, despite months of telling us that jabs would be the way back to normal life.

As Andy says, there could be people on the flight who have contracted Covid between testing and boarding. So testing is more for appearing safe rather than actually being safe. And a flight has no greater risk than the many activities we can do locally either with no requirements at all or by showing vaccination status.
I guess the difference is the only place I am looking to travel to at the moment (other than Florida - which won't have us) is Portugal.

I own my own house there, and we have our house in the Uk. My work is all "remote/online" so I guess to me there is little difference in being stranded abroad, I'd be equally happy in either country

I realise this is a minority scenario, but I did say it was my opinion and the issue of being stranded abroad doesn't affect me so it would be hard to have a different opinion
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