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Originally Posted by Chilli-pepper View Post
Much of my experience with checking 'proof' of tests and vaccines has been a farce.

I was at Gardeners world and they said you had to be double jabbed or a -ve LFT, they hardly checked this, most were just holding up phones that were only glanced at or some were just flashing the appointment card for a vaccination or sowing their vaccination letter/bar code, all of which could have been anyone's - no evidence was checked at all, everyone was just given a wrist band and waved through.

Either do them properly or not at all.
However isn't this like many things, the onus is placed on you to be able to prove it.

Random checks mean that if you haven't actually got that proof you could be caught, yes this means some people will game the system and "get in" without proof - but they also run the risk of detection and ejection/prosecution

There has to be a sensible "middle ground" between checking everyone (and the process being far too slow) and a total open-season
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