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Doesn't really require writing to the practice manager, in this case the receptionist is correct. There is no law in England now requiring mask wearing in the situation described, so the doctor is not required to provide any exemption details.

I suppose you could pay for a private consult to get the outcome the OP wants.

I guess I have two thoughts

1) If the company is being difficult here and asking for more than is legally required I would go volunteer elsewhere

2) Given its a volunteer delivery driver I'm presuming it involves some interaction with the more vulnerabel in society, I would suggest that these would be more comfortable with someone in a mask, so maybe this isn't the right volunteering opportunity for someone not able to wear one
But companies often ask for things that aren't under law. It is nothing to do with the legal position on masks - it is a condition of employment for the job.

This requirement seems totally sensible and reasonable to me. It is also totally reasonable for a GP to help here when asked. They provide letters for all sorts of things. It is part of their service (though they may be a charge). To refuse is totally unacceptable. It is not a receptionist's job to refuse unless they are under specific instructions from the GP.

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