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And, as a follow-up, presumably if an existing member requests all of their data to be deleted, all their posts will also be completely removed from the site, even if it makes threads they've posted on a bit of a mess by the removal of posts?
IF the posts don't contain any personally identifiable information then simply anonymising the username and clearing any saved IP addresses and email details ought to suffice. As long as what is left cannot in any way be traced back to an individual EU citizen.

But I'm sure the mad geniuses in Brussels will try to claim that even the fact that a person (voluntarily!) signed their first name at the end of a post counts as "personal information" - let alone listing their whole holiday information, dates, family photos, etc.

My own thought process on my site is to allow a user to remove any content that they wish to (by editing their own posts, at their own discretion, which they can do anyway) and then at their request I can then delete the account and anonymise any remaining posts. But my site is a lot smaller and an awful lot less full of potentially "personally identifiable" information than the DIBB.

Like most things that seem to come out of Brussels, the GDPR may have some good basic underlying ideals but it's been buried in a landslide of badly thought-out, over-bureaucratic Eurocrap.

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