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We finished having a look around the shops and then continued on our walk around WS. Our next stop was China and the F&W booth

We got the Chicken Dumplings, served with Chinese slaw. We used a snack credit, the cost if paying OOP is $4.95.

These were very tasty, my favourites of these are still the ones from our 2010 trip though. We all had a taste of them and all enjoyed them.

It was almost 4.30pm and as we were in China, we decided to go to Lotus Blossom Café, as that has been on our list to try some food from for a while.

The Orange Chicken was the dish we wanted to try from the menu

I ordered this while Phil and the girls went and sat down. The Orange Chicken comes with steamed rice and I got a diet coke as our drink. I used a QS credit for this, the prices without this are $10.95 for the food and $3.99 for the drink, plus tax

We all liked this but found it a bit too sweet. We were glad we had tried it but I wouldn't get this one again.

Mulan was due out soon but Kaley really wanted to see Snow White and we didn't have time to do both.

She said she would rather see Snow White so we left China and carried on our walk around the world. We came to the Africa booth

Phil wanted to try the Tusker Lager, $4.50, so he got that

He enjoyed this one.

We continued on our walk and soon arrived in Germany

We went straight to the line for Snow White. There was one person already waiting in line. Snow White was due out at 5.20pm and it was about 5pm. The line was really close to Karamell-Kuche so Madison and I went over, as this is my favourite place to use snack credits.

It wasn't busy in here and we didn't have to wait long. Some of the yummy treats available

We got a large pack of caramel popcorn ($7.45)

Two caramel marshmallow wands ($4.59 each)

And a milk chocolate caramel with sea salt ($4.59).

These were all really good, I love the treats from here. We used 4 snack credits, the large bag of popcorn is a great use of a snack credit here.

We were soon back in the line to see Snow White. She was due out at 5.20pm but was late, coming out about 10 minutes later than that.

This was another meet where the character walked over to the girls and then walked back with them to the meet and greet area. I'm not sure if I've already mentioned this on another day but I always thought this was a nice touch.

Walking with them

Autograph book signing

She looks like she is teaching them dance moves or something here


She wanted Phil and I to join in for a picture, I always film the character meets so just Phil jumped in for a picture

This was another lovely character meet and Kaley was really happy she had gotten to see Snow White.

We carried on our walk around the world, Phil stopping occasionally to take a couple of photos

There are so many photogenic areas of this park, it is so beautiful.

Kaley also really wanted to see Sleeping Beauty so France was our next stop. We found where her line was and joined it. There were quite a few people in front when we joined the line at 5.40pm. We found out that there were so many people as she hadn't yet come out for the 5.20pm meet. We weren't sure what the reason was and while we were waiting, a few people in front of us left the line, so we kept moving closer to the front. A CM came along and apologised for the delay.

We were happy to wait as when we walked over here, we were expecting to see her at 6.20pm anyway. It was just after 5.50pm when a CM came back out and said she would be about 5 minutes, and less than 5 minutes later, she did come out.

There were only a handful of families in front of us now, so we didn't have to wait long until it was our turn

She was lovely and Kaley was so happy to have seen the two Princesses she most wanted to see in one day.

We were done here just after 6pm


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