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I wanted to see what was on offer in Les Halles Boulangerie Patisseries so made the short walk there

It was really busy in here and though the food looked really good, none of us were hungry enough for anything from here. Phil and the girls did want ice cream though, so we went to L'Artisan des Glaces

The menu board

Choosing what she wanted

Kaley went for vanilla in a cone

Madison had mint-chocolate in a cup

And Phil had coconut white chocolate in a cup

A single scoop is $5 and we used 3 snack credits. We sat outside so that they could eat their ice creams and have a sit down for a few minutes. They all really enjoyed these and said they tasted really good.

I wanted something savoury so we went to the France booth when they had finished their ice creams

I got the Boeuf Braise a la Bordelaise, Pomme Dauphine, beef braised in cabernet sauvignon with red onions and puffed potatoes

This was really good, the beef was so tender and the gravy delicious. I wasn't fussed with the potatoes but otherwise, a great use of a snack credit. The OOP cost is $6.50.

We stopped for a toilet break then carried on around the world

We went into Morocco

As we were wandering around, we saw that Jasmine was meeting in a side room and there was only one family waiting in her line so we joined it. I noted that it was 6.50pm and we had seen her and were back out in 5 minutes.


We wandered around for a bit more then walked to Japan to have a look around there

We had a look around the shop then out and stopped briefly at USA

The Eat to the Beat concert was on, I'm not sure who this is

We carried on towards Italy and as we got there (Italy Isola I think), we spotted a couple of empty benches. It was only around 7.15pm but as we were planning to stay for Epcot Forever, we decided to grab one of them while we had the chance. There weren't many more places we wanted to look and we thought it would be good to have a bench to sit and wait and to watch from later. We did consider not staying here so we could be closer to Future World and have an easier exit but having somewhere to sit on.

The view

Phil went over to Italy to have a look and take some pictures

Kaley had been looking at the baby teddy characters wrapped in a blanket and really wanted the Marie one. We had seen them in La Mode Francaise in France so I took her back there so she could use her money to buy one. This was $29.99 plus tax ($31.94) and she was very happy to have it.

It was quite busy on the walkway so took us a bit of time to get back. I was looking along the way for any other spots to be able to sit and watch from by the water but there weren't any.

We stopped at Fife and Drum on our way and used a snack credit on a diet coke ($4.75) and also got some iced water. We got back to Phil and Madison at 7.45pm ish.

We did a restroom run in shifts (me and the girls while Phil stayed on the bench, then vice versa) and then I couldn't be that close to the Italy booth and not try some of the F&W food so went over with Madison. The line for this booth was long and quite slow moving. I think it took almost 10 minutes from when we got in line until we got our food.

Phil was taking photos as it went dark

The Italy food board

I wanted to try all of the savoury dishes here so decided to use a QS credit rather than snack credits.

We got the Ravioli Carbonara, parmesan and pecorino ravioli, egg yolk, cream and bacon ($7.25)

The Costine di Maiale, balsamic-glazed and oven-roasted pork ribs ($8.00)

And the Pollo, crispy chicken with marinara sauce ($6.00)

This was all really good, I especially enjoyed the pasta. Between us we easily managed to eat it all.

Phil nipped over to a nearby card to get a bottle of diet coke, $4.25. We didn't use a snack credit for some reason.

A few more photos as we waited

The park looked lovely with all the lights.


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