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The time went by quite quickly. It got very busy where we were and we were glad we had the bench to be able to sit and wait, and then just be able to turn around and kneel on it when the show started.

Epcot Forever started at 9pm

We really enjoyed the show. I know it is only a filler and many people think it has nothing on Illuminations, but as it had been so many years since we had seen Illuminations, we had nothing to compare it to.

Phil took a few more photos while we let the crowds disperse a bit

The park really looks beautiful all lit up.

We started to walk back towards the exit, stopping as we got near the front for a few more pics

Kaley was feeling a bit tired so asked to be carried for a bit

It hadn't taken us long to walk back to the exit and we were soon in the car and driving out. It was really quick and easy to get out, there was no queuing at all.

We were back at POR and Madison and Kaley in bed by 10pm, both of them falling straight to sleep.

We needed milk so I walked over to Fulton's and got some whole milk ($3.69 plus tax). I had also taken mine and Phil's refillable mugs so went to Riverside Mill to fill them up. It was 10.15pm and it was still very busy, far busier than I thought it would be at that time.

When I got back, we spoke about our plans for the next day. We had a breakfast ADR for Be Our Guest at 9.15am but we decided that after such a late night, we didn't want to have to set an alarm for the morning so I cancelled it on the app. Our plan for tomorrow also included staying at HS for the Star Wars fireworks, but as they were on at 10pm, we said we weren't sure if we would want another late night two days in a row.

I went to bed at around 11.30pm, after reading for a while.

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Next up, resort time, MK resort walk, Hollywood Studios and Boardwalk area resort walk

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