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I then went down to the hub.

I love this photo

Tomorrowland was my next destination. Photos were taken en route of course.

The Peoplemover was a (near) walk on, so off I went for a whizz round on that!

Tron roller-coaster is coming along!

After that I noticed that Monsters Inc! Laugh Floor was a 5 minute wait, so in I went. I was praying that I wouldnít get picked on!

Mike's wee door

While I was waiting for the show to start, Chris text me a photo of an alligator he saw on the golf course!

Soon enough the show started. I LOVED it. It's really so funny and clever. I hadnít seen it in a good few years and I honestly donít know why we donít go every year? Maybe the fear of being "that guy" hahaha!

Carousel of Progress was up next! I asked the CM how he was doing and he said "awesome, now that I found my conscience" in a reference to my top hahaha!

I hear this is getting a long overdue update soon! Will be good to see that!

I started to make my way round to Liberty Square next, but was distracted by the celebration parade. It was very cute.

I was in need of a snack by now, so I continued to Liberty Square to see what was on offer at the wee market there.

I was gutted that my favourite angle of the castle was under construction. But hey, once in 11 trips isnít too bad a ratio eh?

I grabbed myself a bottle of water and a bag of lays. I obviously let the lays sit in the sun a while first cos you knowÖ. hot lays.

These big ass birds were everywhere, waiting to swoop. Their huge beaks were a little intimidating, not gonna lie! Back off birds, these are my hot lays!

A wee stroll through Frontierland next.

Continued in next post
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