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Look who I bumped into! Big Al of Country Bear Jamboree fame! Day made!

He had lots of fans, but I managed to sneak a quick selfie #goals

I somehow ended up back in Liberty Square as my next photos are of the Muppets show. I didnít watch it all as I've seen it before, but it is cute. USA USA USA

It was nearing lunch time now and I decided to call it a day and head back to meet Chris. The sky was getting super dark. More storms looming!

On my way out I nipped into Main St Confectionary for a treat, settling on a Genie cake pop which was just delicious.

I often wonder if anyone actually buys these big beasts?

Bye, MK!

It just started to rain as I got to the bus stop. I had a 15 minute wait (longest yet) before a S&D bus came and I disembarked at The Swan and walked over to The Dolphin.

Chris had text me this picture to let me know where he was

Chris was hungry after his golf, so we thought we would give The Fountain a bash.

We were seated straight away and set about picking our food! It is just a basic diner type place, perfect for a little snack.

I was very excited to have a cherry cola! Yum! Even more so due to the Hidden Mickey

For food, I had ordered a portion of sweet potato fries and Chris went for a bowl of chilli with half onion rings and half fries! While we were waiting for our food we witnessed a child empty FOUR sachets of SUGAR into her FIZZY drink ! Have you ever seen the like?! Her parents just sat there, like nothing was happening. We were flabbergasted. She then stirred it, tasted it and added another TWO sachets. Unbelievable.

Anyway, the shock of that soon wore off when we had our nice healthy lunch put down in front of us It was all very tasty and fresh. $32 in total.

Oh, Chris really enjoyed his golf at Hawk's Landing. Here are some pics.

We went back up the room where I realised the humidity had officially made my hair crazy! Chris said it resembled a fluffy cloud

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