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Right can you get tonga toast without the banana?! That is totally my kind of breakfast offering if they could just do away with the damn banana!

Such a wonderful morning in Magic Kingdom with so many gorgeous photos... everything looked so bright and colourful! So lovely to have some solo time there

Erm sugar in a fizzy drink?! What is this madness?!

Sorry but have to laugh at you getting in the wrong queue in Pandora! (although I will learn from this and make sure I get in the right one when we are there!). So hoping we manage to get on FoP (still no FPs as yet), I really need to see it for myself after all the rave reviews!

Bah rain in Animal Kingdom... what a surprise! Happy to see you grabbed ponchos and made the most of it!

Loving all the food and drink stops today, that cocktail from Nomad's Lounge sounded delicious! (ETA your one, not Chris'!)

Such an all-round fab day! Loved it all! (Especially Chris' pink shorts, glad they made another appearance!)
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