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Florida 2019 - its here at last - Day 5

Our destination today was Magic Kingdom. Fastpasses were booked for the morning and Tyler and Lilly had afternoon reservations at Bibbidi Bibbidi Boutique.

We were up and out for the bus at 8.00 am. Our first fastpass was 8.20 for Splash Mountain. We're were through and into Main Street by 8.30 am and sauntered round to Splash Mountain, stopping to meet Mary Poppins on the way. For the last 4 days we'd had to cajole Lilly on to almost every ride as all of a sudden she has become scared of everything! In sure it is just fear of the unknown but today she was adamant she did not want to do any rides. We again managed to cajole her on to this one and she loved it when she came off, “best ride yet” apparently.

However, there was no cajoling her onto SDMT for our second fastpass so her dad stayed off with her while the rest went on. This is so tame, I'm not sure I would bother in the future.

Next fastpass window was now open for Big Thunder Mountain, so back over we went. Again Lilly would not entertain this, so mum stayed with her and I cancelled their fastpasses. While we were on BTMR she met the Ugly Sisters. BTMR again I would say was really tame. I think we've spoiled ourselves with the thrill rides in other parks before getting to MK!

We headed back towards Fantasyland where we met this guy on the way.

It's a Small World was a 10 minute wait time and Lilly loved it, front rower seat for her and she danced all the way round.

Then onto the Little Mermaid ride, shell selfie.

Now it was time for food (Stevie can't do coasters after food allegedly). We stopped in to Pinocchio's Village Haus and had chicken burgers and flatbreads all round.

While eating we discussed plans for the rest of the morning. Brenda would take Lilly to Storybook Circus and the rest of us would go standby on Space Mountain. The wait time was 50 minutes, however, out took about 65. This was as good as I remembered. OMG how tired do I look?

We headed back over to Storybook Circus to meet up with Brenda and Lilly. Uncle Ben took Tyler on the Speedway for a drive and they would catch us up after.

When we got to them, Lilly was in the water play area with a poncho on so her hair didn't get wet before BBB. Hilarious looking. Stevie and I headed to Gastons for a hot cinnamon bun. We met up with Tyler and Ben on the way back and they helped me finish mine. While we were away Steven managed to talk Lilly into the Dumbo ride which she loved. I'd managed to get Lilly a fastpass to meet Ariel at 2.20, so she headed off with mum and dad, Uncle Ben took Tyler on the Barnstormer, while the oldies had a wander around the shop.

There were a few attempts a pulling the sword from the stone, none were successful.

It was now time to head to BBB, for a princess and prince makeover. They headed in and Stevie, Ben and I headed to Buzz Lightyear which had 30 minute wait. We were on in about 20, but just before the actual shooting zone the ride stopped, however, Stevie and I noticed we could shoot and get some points. I don't know how but I kept hitting something that added 100000 points at a time, so before the ride started up again I'd got to the elusive 999999! I thought it would reset, it didn't. So I couldn't accumulate any points when the ride did get going. I'm still counting out as a win, the boys felt differently.

We wandered back over to meet up with the others. Ben went for a look in Momento Mori, and then caught up with us.

Not long after the kids arrived and omg Lilly was gorgeous. They had brought her own dress from TK Max. Tyler has a sword and shield and some glitter in his hair.

Onwards now to BOG for dinner, so many people commented on Lilly's dress on the way. The CM showing us to our table treated her like a princess. It was very special.

The food was ok in here, but worth 2 TS, I'm not so sure.

We met the beast on the way out, and the sweetest moment happened, he danced with Lilly. She loved it.

By now it was 7.00 and we had to get dining guest wristbands on leaving as MNSSHP had started. This meant we could saunter towards the exit without being hassled.

A CM had told Brenda that Belle would be in France for photos. As we were headed to Epcot brenda decided to take Lilly there. Steven headed to Disney Springs to collect his $200 gift card. We wanted to finish off going around the world showcase sampling. I went with Brenda to try to find Belle, but she'd gone back to her castle, so we had to make do with Princess Aurora.

Brenda then headed back to the hotel and I went to meet up with Tyler, Ben and Stevie, who had started in Mexico. After a 3 course meal, not much food was sampled but Ben wanted to sample as many beers as he could, we all had a taste of each one. I had a wine flight. Tyler loved the atmosphere and having us to himself for a wee while I think.

I had wanted a mimosa flight from Shimmering Sips, as time was running on I left the boys in Japan and headed to try to catch it before it closed as we'd noticed the night before that as soon as the first bang goes off the shutters come down. I got there just as that first bang had gone off! They were closed, I was disappointed.

I headed back to meet Stevie and he'd stopped at Joffreys to get their cocktail slushy off the day, it was lovely. We met up with Ben and Tyler and headed through the International Gateway towards the hotel. Been took Tyler back to his mum and dad and we headed for a walk along the Boardwalk. It's such a lovely area.

Then it was back to the room. I'd started packing earlier so not much to do in the morning for our move to our villa.

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