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Shh Its a secret! DH's turning 50! Pre Trip Report

OK, so we have just returned from our second WDW trip which I didn't write a trip report about as 1) the first trip report kinda lost its legs (and then I lost all my notes) around day 8 and 2) it was our last complete family holiday as DS no longer lives with us and we also took my mum who has never been before, so I wanted to emerse myself in my family rather than be sticking a camera in their plate and writing notes for 2 weeks.

Now The reason I have decided to write a trip report this time is for various reasons!

1) it will only be me and DH this time, eldest is off doing his own thing, youngest is spending the time with her Gran (not that she knows yet).
2) Its only for a week so I figure I can do this AND complete it!
3) now this is the big one! DH doesn't know! and I am terrible for wanting to blab secrets to him! so I need somewhere I can talk about it without him seeing!

Soooo the story! Firstly the stars of this trip,

Me Chief planner, researcher, booker of all holidays, cars, trips, hotels, villas, suitcase packer and holder of all documentation etc. Very OCD about planning and stuff so this is going to be hard for me.

DH Driver, Luggage carrier, person who likes to moan about other drivers and 100% in the dark about what is going on

Reason for trip, DH is turning 50! we have literally just come back a month ago from our big family trip to celebrate my 40th and our DS's 18th so it only seemed fitting to arrange a little excursion for his big 5 0.

Flights: We are flying with BA, our other 2 trips were with TC so this will be a new experience, currently both ways are economy but am hopeful they might offer an upgrade at some point for the way home at not an extortionate amount of money (I can dream)

Villa: I was back and forth with this as its just the two of us, but we really like our own space and its a week of relaxation so I didn't really want to be holed up in a motel and all the hotels I liked the look of were coming up at more than the villas! So we have rented a villa from one of the lovely Dibbers on High Grove I think it is, it has a pool and a hot tub (that DH will looooove!) and loads of room for us to just hang about and do what we want.

When do we go: End of April 2020! DH's birthday is 10th April and he wont find out till then, I have a plan in my head to get the kids to give him different gifts to give him hints to what his present is but have yet to work that out

The plan: There is no plan! This is where my OCD is kicking off! I always have a plan! But nope, there will be no park tickets so no plans of what we will do, this is purely a week for doing things that DH loved to do or wanted to do on previous trips and we never got round too. I.E. He loves Disney Springs but we have never had the opportunity to walk round at our leisure and soak it all up its always been a rushed experience, so I intend to spend quite a few days/evenings there.
A trip to the Gun Shop (rolls eyes) now this is totally not my thing, but DH loves his pellet guns. We went this time but he did say he felt rushed to get in and get out because the rest of the family were waiting and our son was bored etc so we will be doing that.
Cheesecake Factory! DH loves (and I mean LOVES) cheesecake! and we have NEVER been!
The premium outlets: again, we have been but literally rushed in, gone to Disney Warehouse, shoe shops for the kids, adidas and left.
Logan's Roadhouse: we ate there the first time we went to WDW and DH has talked about the phillycheese steak sandwiches we had for over 2 years, we didn't go back this year so it is 100% on the dinner list!

That's all I have planned, if anyone has ideas of things they think are a must do, feel free to let me know as it would be nice to hand him some ideas of what he could do on 'his' special holiday i'm umming and ahhing about Kennedy space centre as we have never been, but Dh would have to drive so don't know if its a bit far to expect him to drive when we only have a week.

Anyway Thanks to anyone that reads along, i'll try to be interesting and take copious photos!

UPDATE: 15th November
Finally experienced the Magic 2017, returnin 2019 for my 40th and son's 18th, with Gran too , 2020 - DH's Secret 50th!
1st Trip Report - me, 3 and gluten free
2nd Trip Report - DH's Super Secret 50th

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