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Day 6

Wow, I felt awesome this morning... 🥴
We were supposed to go to Hemingway’s house but packing was a slow process and we didn’t make it.
We made use of the free breakfast included at the guesthouse which was not bad at all.
No photos though, I had to concentrate on getting myself together 🤦🏼

I’d really recommend this guesthouse.

We checked out and began the journey to Anna Maria Island which was long and boring.
I made headway on this Krispie treat from Kilwins. Caramel and pecan. Absolutely delicious.
We had chocolates too but they were rank.

Before we’d even left the Keys everyone was hungry so we stopped off at Burger King.
This would usually be a swerve from me but I was happy to try the Impossible Whopper.
DS had one too.
They were ok.
Completely over cooked as you’d imagine so you definitely know it’s not meat, but a much better option than the spicy bean burger they’ve always offered.
OH had something normal with meat but no idea which burger it was.

We had mozerella sticks too but they took ages to cook so we forgot the picture.
They were weird. I love mozzarella sticks but the batter on these was thick and strangely sweet like a 1980’s Findus Crispy Pancake. We left them.
Would not recommend those at all!

We continued our journey with a terrifying section around Miami. We were millimetres away from crashing 😬
Once through that chaos we passed the time spotting gators.
I think this is when we saw the first burst of absolutely torrential rain. It was short lived though.

We arrived at The Sunrise Garden Resort about 20 mins before sunset.
They’d left our key out for us as they close reception at 6 I believe.
This worked well for us as we could just dump everything and run down to the Sandbar for sunset.

We got married at the Sandbar so it was good to be back 💓

We had a few drinks there and then wandered back via Poppo’s which is a favourite for us

I had a bowl and OH and DS had Barbacoa beef burritos.
Everything is in pots and they ask you to choose a protein and then whatever accompaniments you’d like.
It’s fresh and delicious. We always stop by.

The pictures are very dark especially as we initially sat out on the porch so here’s the outside during the daytime too!

We also had chips and guacamole.
They make the chips in front of you. They hand press the dough then fry it up there and then.
We then wandered back to our little bungalow and set alarms for sunrise! We are staying right by the Waterfront restaurant so it’s a 30 second walk.

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