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Day 8!
2 of us made it out for sunrise.
1 remained fast asleep.
No prizes for guessing who!

It was so pretty and peaceful.
Then it was time to pack up and check out.
OH and DS went for coffee and doughnuts again but I really couldnít face them 2 mornings in a row!

I love AMI and would like to have stayed a bit longer.
Last time we came as a large group and hired a lovely house and this time that would have been excessive!
We quite liked Sunrise Garden Resort. The staff are really nice and itís very well equipped but, I feel it needs a deep clean. I know itís the end of the season but it looked a little neglected outside too.
Anyway, itís a good option for short stays.

We popped to Emersonís Gallery for a print weíd seen and a couple of other little things and then hit the road at about 1.
OH drove the long way so he could take the Sunshine Skyway 😎

We made it to Cabana Bay at about 3 and weíre given a fab room overlooking the volcano.
We were just here for the 1 night as Iíd somehow left a gap between AMI and Disney.

I realised Iíd not eaten all day so ate way too many pita chips before we changed and headed over to Volcano Bay.
We were in block 6 which is so handy for Volcano Bay! Itís a hop, skip and a jump away.

We were meeting friends at 6 but managed to get a few roses under our belts before then and a couple of laps of the fast lazy river. Thatís so much fun!

Once theyíd arrived, we did a few of the group rides and then left the kids to it (theyíre all old enough!)
We stationed ourselves at a bar and spent insane amounts of money on a few beers and cocktails 😱
They really do hike the prices!
We were reunited with our offspring at about 9 and all headed to Bubba Gump for dinner via our respective hotels for a quick change.

We got the bus to CityWalk but it was an unmarked one so we werenít sure it was actually run by Universal. It was a bit odd and there were only a few others onboard. OH and I remarked on jest that we hoped we werenít being abducted.
We got off and started walking to the restaurant. I turned round to ask DS something but he wasnít there...
Heíd been so engrossed in Snapchat that heíd not noticed the bus stopping 😱
OH ran like Iíve never seen him run before!
He chased the bus for a fair distance and then ran in front of it when it had to stop in traffic.
DS still hadnít noticed we werenít onboard 🤣🤣🤣
He got a bit of a telling off but OH did apologise afterwards. He was just genuinely very worried about the random bus!

I really donít love Bubba Gump. Weíve been a few times and itís ok but I was happy to go with the flow and we have Landryís so expected to be seated quickly. We werenít!

I actually really enjoyed it!
It was much better than our last visit.
I donít think our server was great. He was nice but just not really organised enough.
We realised after weíd paid and left that we didnít get a couple of the side dishes weíd ordered but they were on the bill.
Anyway, a few of us had the same thing which was a sampler type dish. This included battered fish, coconut shrimp and battered shrimp.
1 person had a steak and 1 of the kids had a kids meal.
I hardly took any pictures.

More cocktails for us and some random flashing drinks for the kids!

We didnít have desserts but Iíve just remembered one of the kids said it was DSís birthday so a cupcake was promptly delivered!

I would actually go back quite happily. Previously Iíd not have bothered.

We said our goodbyes (friends are off home the following morning) and went and admired the volcano view in the dark

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