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Originally Posted by ASheppard View Post
Iíve had the same (still got them) on 4 fingers. I think mine are arthritis but Iím no expert! I did ask my doctor and he didnít know either.
The thing is I hate going to the docs anyway and I have had at times where Iíll feel a sudden pricking sensation n then it swells and there is a bruise at the joint. I asked a chemist who said better to see a doctor but when I asked my doctor he had no idea.
The lump on my thumb - itís just on the thumb joint, itís just odd shaped. Itís never been overly sore and this one on this finger it was sore on holiday but more like the skin was sore like when you get a paper cut thatís why I thought it was a bite.
I just looked at gout and it said re red meat and alcohol and sugary things but I donít eat any red meat at all, I donít drink and Iím not a fan of sugary foods or snacks so what wouldíve made it flare up on holiday? I wondered re vanilla latte - I had 1 every day in the hotel Starbucks but I have 1 a day of the ready made ones at home.
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