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VILLA OWNERS - Read This BEFORE posting

I'll come straight to the point...

If you are a Villa Owner and you are not paying to advertise here then your account will be suspended if you advertise your villa on this site.

Unless you are a Paying advertiser here then...

• DO NOT put a link to your villa in your signature
• DO NOT put a link to your villa in any of your UserCP profile fields
• DO NOT make posts that in anyway advertise your villa
• DO NOT make posts that in anyway advertise the community or area that your villa is in.
• DO NOT make posts that in anyway disparages a community or area that your villa is not in.
• DO NOT use our Messaging system (PM's) to advertise your villa
• DO NOT advertise the fact that you are a Villa Owner. This includes subtle usernames or signature text or counter text.

We work hard to provide a great community here and it's annoying when our rules are just ignored.

If you are a villa owner and decide to ignore our rules then personally I would consider you non trustworthy and would never recommend someone who can't be trusted.

I'm sure the members here do not want to deal with a villa owner who is desperate enough for customers that they will blatantly ignore rules and policies just to try and advertise their villa for free.

In the past we have just removed links, but I think tougher action is required and we will now be suspending accounts and possibly naming and shaming culprits.

If you want to advertise your villa here on the DIBB, then please be professional and contact us for our advertising rates. DETAILS HERE

If you do not want to pay our advertising rates, then you are free to use the forums but DO NOT use this site to solicit business in anyway.
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