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Originally Posted by Mr Tom Morrow View Post
There is a choice of sandwiches and I suppose it's down to the crew how you actually receive them. Ours were not in clingfilm and in fact I dont think I have ever had them wrapped, instead just on a plate.

Still can't find the photo but there are 3 little cakes to have.

Hiya Tom, oddly enough it was on our last UC flight, perhaps was a sign of what was to come on the return, as you'll remember... worst food we've ever (not!) received, but we're convinced it was a catalogue of unfortunate rare errors.

No sarny choice, we were given wrapped sandwiches, two filling types, one of which was cheese and onion and whilst we love onion, raw onion hates us and makes us both rather ill - I've never understood airlines dishing out onion stinky sandwiches. In PE a few years ago the lovely crew lass was dishing out wrapped sandwiches from a box, 'cheese and onion' she quipped, well damn, there goes tea. She threw them back in the box and said, VA simply don't listen to us (crew), we know what pax like and repeatedly tell them. She showed us a nigh on full box to be discarded. I said last year they did a delicious tuna salad sarny, she replied tuna salad are all eaten but very few want/can stomach raw onion, plus they make the cabin stink
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