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Lallan's Last Min Family Vegas Vacay July 2019 Post Pre-Trippie

I've been looking to get a holiday booked for something to look forward to but no such luck as yet. Everything seems so expensive at the moment ☹️

I've been looking through last years holiday snaps so decided to cheer myself up on this rainy January day by reliving it and writing up a little trip report on our last minute summer 2019 trip to Las Vegas!

Firstly let me introduce us..

Me: Lallan - Louise, mum, 34. Holiday obsessed

DH: Taylor, dad, 35. Breadwinner

DS1: Baillie, 14. Unenthusiastic teenager

DS2: Lucas, 12. Enthusiastic middle child

DS3: Justin, 8. The boss, I mean baby of our family

And the other two members of the Allan family shih tzu's Prince & Jacko who will be going on their own holidays to granny and granda's house!

So onto bookings:

Well Vegas came about as a very much spur of the moment (of madness! ) booking. We had already been to Florida in March/April and Tenerife in May and my mum and I went back to Florida for a mum and daughter trip for her big 6-0 at the beginning of June. Therefore we had no set plans for during the summer holidays other than a camping trip to the Isle of Skye. It was a typical rainy start to the Scottish summer holidays. 5th July and the kids had been off school for a week and were getting bored already so we were sitting thinking let's just get something booked and go. We are very fortunate in that DH runs his own business so if there's a break in his work and we have the money sitting there we can suit ourselves. So on the laptop we go and Thomas Cook was most reasonable for last minute. We were leaning towards an all inclusive to Ibiza. There were only a few seats left on the plane and as soon as I went to book it was gone and the other dates available towards the end of July were double the price. Next option was an all inclusive in Sunny Beach but as I was browsing Vegas appeared. DH had always wanted to go to Vegas but in later years when it's just the two of us'. The 3 boys then got involved and all decided they quite fancied Vegas. DH still wasn't very keen. How can he do Vegas properly with the 3 kids in tow!? I promised he could still go and have a gamble so he agreed. Vegas for a week 14-21st July 2019. Wanted a 4* so after a quick look at google maps decided on Bally's as it seemed pretty central on the strip. It cost 600pp so 3,200 total.

I knew absolutely nothing of Vegas. But once I get booked I'm like a dog with a bone and get stuck right in so I wasn't worried. I had just over a week to get my planning head on. Easy! We had the small matter of a camping trip to get out the way first, and DS3's 8th birthday and then we'd be off. Text my mum Vegas Babyyy' and she said we were off our heads lol.

Amazon Prime is my best friend so this little book of knowledge arrived quick smart and a wee post to The DIBB asking for tips came up trumps. You guys delivered as usual and all advice was duly noted.

I thought we would be very much winging it' on this trip as there wasn't much time to get organized. But it actually became very regimented. I came across the 50 off Things to do deal on Expedia so I went ahead and bought each of us a 3 day Go City Pass. This covered pretty much everything in Vegas so I thought this would be our best bet to get the majority of things in one pass. It cost us 140 each and I thought it was better to buy this now rather than fork out a fortune per attraction each time. The choice on the list was endless and we'd have to all agree on what we wanted to do to and work out how to get the most in as was logistically possible. This involved using our map from the pocket guide and circling the attractions we all wanted to do. It was fun and we all got involved.

8-10th July 2019 Camping trip to Isle of Skye - check ✅

12th July 2019 DS3 Justin's 8th Birthday and day out to the Sea Life Centre at Loch Lomond - check ✅

All that's left to do is pick up the dollars we ordered from Ramsden's - $2,000 cost us 1,631.32. Also had to the dogs organized to go to my mum and dads, Get the cases down and pack (yes - THE NIGHT BEFORE🙈! ) and head down to Manchester in the morning!

Viva Las Vegas! 🇺🇸

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