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Day 3

Contempo Cafe/Contemporary Gift Shop

As we were heading to Magic Kingdom we caught an Uber to the Contemporary Resort to save time. While grabbing a refill on our resort mugs I saw a cherry danish and I was instantly starving and had to order it.

I know it is the standard danish you can get across property but I really enjoyed it. Really nice cherry flavour, like a cherry pie filling rather than the nasty fake cherry flavouring that you get sometimes. Yum Yum Yum.

DF had been wandering round the shops and found monster in the store tucked away near the new Pixar kids club. Monster makes DF very happy if not a bit more human, and itís not a bad value for a snack credit.

2 snacks
Total $9.15

Be Our Guest

We had an early lunch reservation in Be Our Guest (thatís why I shouldnít have eaten the danish earlier)

We ordered a French Dip baguette and a turkey baguette to share. We asked for no mayonnaise on the turkey, however DF later asked for the Dijon mayonnaise to put on his turkey.

When they arrived the fries were cold, there was no problem getting them replaced by the server and she was very apologetic.

The sandwiches were good, I preferred the beef while DF preferred the turkey. The beef had a garlic flavour to it which some might find a bit strong but I loved (sorry to those who got stuck next to me on rides for the rest of the day). If I had the choice and DF was willing I would still order both and split. Iíd read someoneís report before where their sandwiches had been dry but this wasnít the case with ours, they were great. Iíd recommend lunch here as you get to see the castle and itís no where near the cost of dinner (cash or credits) for a counter service its great and you get refills on your drink.

Credits 2 QS
Total $39.56

Starbucks AK

DF ordered his usual Venti Vanilla Bean Frappuccino, I tried something new the very berry hibiscus refresher, the refreshers come in a size Trenta, which I can only assume translates as handheld bucket. Itís massive and the drink is delicious nice fruity taste but not too strong and really refreshing. There are berries in the drink as well which is a nice touch. Loved this! Iím going to be heart broken when I no longer have the dining plan and have to pay to get one.

Credits 2 Snacks
Total $11.17

Pongu Pongu

Iíd seen the Night Blossom drink on several of the reviews, vlogs and countless images on Instagram but as itís Apple and pear and I canít stand pear I got it more to say Iíd tried it than actually wanting it. Boy was I wrong. This is amazing! Really delicious and refreshing, itís not sickly like I was expecting. All I can say is get one and try it, Iíll be back for more of these!

Credit 1 Snack
Total $6.38


Blaze for us was a highlight QS from our last trip, although it isnít the highest value the food is really good and we love pizza!

I got the standard dough with classic red sauce and a pesto crust, mushrooms, pepperoni, garlic and oregano.

This was delicious, great quality pizza. The only thing I would change was the pesto crust, it just seemed to have caught in the oven and tasted slightly too cooked.

DF got standard dough with spicy red sauce and a pesto crust (yes he copied me) with pepperoni, red onions, chicken, garlic, basil and oregano.

He really enjoyed this too, and agreed with me that the pesto crust wasnít that great.

We love coming here and itíll be hard to keep to our not repeating meals

Credits 2 QS
Total $27.58

Day Total
QS: 4
Snacks: 5
TS: 0
Dining plan value $93.84

Running Total
QS: 10/28
Snacks: 7/56
TS: 4/28
Dining Plan Value $422.78

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