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Originally Posted by Raggyavn View Post
If you mean the phone sim card, yes I have.

Its an odd set up in that you pay for what you want, get a payment conformation and are told that your sim card will become active on the day that you have stipulated you want your contract to start, which by default means you cant check it until you land in the US.

On the day your contract starts, you get an email stating your US phone number for the duration of the contract. However my sim was faulty and because i wasn't in Orlando they couldn't get me a replacement sim until I arrived in Orlando itself (5 days hence), although if I had been in Orlando they would have dropped it off at the hotel or villa for me.

They automatically cancelled the contract (and refunded) on the faulty sim and when I got the new one I had to apply for a new contract (which was actioned immediately).

True 4G
Cheaper than Vodafone (who I'm locked into because I benefit from a generous corporate discount).
Customer Service was good (initially via email, then they called my UK number)
You can ring US numbers.
You cant ring UK numbers (even if they are in the US).
Your number has been used before by someone else before, which means;
You get odd phone calls sometimes (Dominos rang me about
"my" pizza)
Your number is on cold calling lists - No problem for me
because I knew that I hadn't given the number to anyone else
in the US so the call wasn't for me. If I had given the number
to hotels etc. as my contact details it would have been more
Would I use them again? YES, as long as I had another means of been contacted from the UK (Wife's phone etc.).

The 4G was faster than the wife's 3G on the Three network, however could I have got by with 3G? - yes probably.
I'm looking at registering my card just now and was wondering about the extra days we'll be there. When I register do I take the 10 day plan with having the 5 days free already or do I need to do the 15 day plan. My head is telling me it's the 10 day plan but wanted to be sure before I sign up.
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