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theDIBB Guidebook
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:) The Walt4it's index of completed trip reports.

As a means of tidying up a rather messy signature on all my posts and taking up more room than was possible.
I have brought all of my completed trip reports under the one index for means of having a click through to find them a little bit more easily.

I have a few days in early reports that used photobucket as a means of hosting photos - as many of you know they are now trying to get a lot of money out of anyone to host the photos that The Dibb now does for free

I will endeavour to get all the photos back in place and without the extortion that is photobucket.

Hope you enjoy and just get a flavour of what has happened as our two boys have grown up.

Christmas 2002 - no trip report - Orange Lake and golf.
2003 - Josh was born

2006 - Joe was born and we went to DLP he was just 3 months old!

2008 - our very first Family trip- Tuscan Hills - Christmas 2008 - there arte two video/photo things here - simply wonderful memories of our first family trip.

Click here to watch

2009 -Tuscan Hills Christmas- An untyped up trip report exists of this trip - the Icelandic volcano put a stop to my snowed out of Washington and 24 hrs in Chicago. It was called from 'Despair to Where...! '

2010 - Tuscan Hills and out first summer trip - The one where I had no clothes or electrical chargers for 12 days! - My bag went on a holiday of it's own!

2011 - OKW and Tuscan Hills - our first onsite stay.

2012- St Pete Beach,SSR, Sunset Lakes

2013 - Bel13ve - The first trip Report is here - just click to read

2014 - Land of Hopes and Dreams - Complete Trip report is a click here away

2015 - A 40th at DLP - not written but enjoyed!

2015- Spectromagically Taking on the Worlds - 5 Whole weeks! Complete Anna Maria Island, Saratoga Springs and Sunset lakes trip report.Click to read

2016- Follow that Dream - Treasure Island, Baseball, The Beach Club and Sunset lakes - hope you enjoy!

2017 - A decade of Disney Dreams - Dibb Villa and Sand Pearl at Clearwater and a whole lot more.

2018 - A Mi11ion Dreams = 2018 Miami. St Augustine, Port Orleans Riverside and Lake Wilson Preserve and our = tour with The ALaRM

Now as I was doing this I also thought of a way to add a little bit of a moment.
The one you get when you realise that all the years you have enjoyed, have seen for a range of photographs that can never be repeated and will last forever.

As with every single day I have ever typed in each trip report this has meant so much in just revisiting thousands of photos and trying to just choose one or two - it has taken most of today!

2006- DLP






2013 - Bel13ve

2014 - Meet me in the Land of Hope and dreams

2015 DLP

2015 - Spectomagically Taking on the Worlds

2016 - Follow That Dream

2017 - A Decade Of Disney Dreams

2018 - A Mi11ion Dreams

Going out in a Blaze of Glory has started - click here for the 2019 updates

Hope you enjoy the latest instalment

To everyone who has read a word of what I have typed - I thank you.
For those who have followed throughout, I know who you are and appreciate your comments and your continued support in ensuring I get finished before the next one begins xx Can't thank you enough.
To those who have not posted ever ... especially my Scarborough Dibber who I meet every now and again, who really should register and post I just appreciate you reading all the stuff I have written.

To the three people who have shared all of this with me and who will probably never scroll down quite so far as this - I think very few people will!

I LOVE YOU - Our true Kingdom of so many days that will live forever in photographs and the written word and always in our own hearts and minds.

We will walk forever by each others side xxxx
I'm a Great British Mickey Waffle Podcast presenter.
Hope you are a Listener

Going out in a Blaze of Glory- Our Summer of Sorcery 2019 - click here to read a trip report in progress

All of our previous Trip reports and escapades can be read here.

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