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I have no personal experience but saw no one had responded. I am American but have traveled to Europe and other American countries. Even in less developed countries they have supplies.

Bring things that you cannot easily get here keeping in mind you are travelling to another developed country. You can buy just about anything you need.

Bring all prescription medication for at least a week longer than your trip and also copies of any prescriptions in case you need them. Also a list of medication and dosage. In the US pharmacies will provide a day or two of medication if yours is lost or delayed (always pack it in hand luggage).

Bring any medical supplies where brand matters. If you have a sensitivity to certain brands or additives, you don't want to be searching for that product only to find all US brands contain something you are sensitive to. If you do find you need all natural with no dyes or additives, Whole Foods is a good source. There's also Amazon.

I would make sure you have medical coverage for the trip. Paying out of pocket for medical care is expensive-even prescription drugs without an insurance plan. My prescription plan pays very little towards the cost of my drugs, but I do get a discounted rate which means a $400. prescription might just cost me $20.
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