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What? ... No Parks! ... 2019 A Little Bit Differently - This Is The Chilled One 👌

Hi Dibbers and welcome to my first ever trip report... here's the introductions

I've read many a fantastic trippie on here and to say that they've given me "the fear" to even attempt to write my own is an understatement... Especially ScottishNellie's trip reports... They are outstanding BUT without her words of encouragement, I probably wouldn't be doing it now, so thank you Helen... 😜

So this year is our 5th, once in a lifetime trip to Orlando... We are very lucky and grateful that we have the means to make these magical memories year after year ❤️👌

So I'm Donna (Dunx) 42 and mother of 2 (Dunx - a nickname my dad gave me when I was young... And it stuck... Waaay better than my nickname in high school "kebab") so moving swiftly on... my partner in crime is Will (WILL) also 42 (for any Big Bang Theory fans, I'm married to Sheldon but he looks like Leonard... &#128514 who told me on our 1st official date that, he didn't do love, want to get married or have kids... Well to say that the gauntlet had been thrown down was a gross understatement 😉👌 I fixed him! 😂

We have been together 14 years and married for 11 of those 😉 told you I could fix him! 😂 And have been blessed with 2 beautiful, intelligent, challenging and infuriating children...

Kayla is 9, high functioning autistic, very intelligent, artistic and SUPER Challenging every day 😆 her favourite question is why... Just WHY to everything and everyone! But she is an Utter joy yo behold and I'm blessed that she calls me mum ❤️😍

Wee William is 7 (young Sheldon if you will) is super duper intelligent, charming, empathetic and reminder that you can always learn new things 😉 another blessing ❤️😇

Anyway... Ground zero is our travel day and as the title reads... This one is a bit different...

Flying with Virgin GLA TO MCO

2 days in AOA Villa
4 days in a cruise to Nassau/Freeport
8 days back at villa doing Busch Gardens, Seaworld and Aquatica amongst other things...

Thanks for reading along so far and I'll hopefully (depending on feedback) get back to you all soon with more travel day blurb... Thanks for reading so far...
. Be gentle... This is my 1st attempt 😆👌😜

Dunx x

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