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Originally Posted by DollyDimples View Post
Our first TS meal on our trip is an 8.05am booking at Garden Grille. Looking forward to it even more after your review.

We are also planning to go straight down to Soarin' after too.

I was quite keen to try Teppan Edo but DH and DS overruled me so we didn't book it. That is strange that you didn't get a larger portion of steak when you weren't having chicken too. I think we would all enjoy the food but I think we would probably feel uncomfortable with the shared table.

Looking forward to see if you did manage to get through all your snack credits in the end.
All to be revealed soon in the snack credit count!

Originally Posted by dollydaydream7 View Post
Great read, we are defiantly going to try the garden grill breakfast next time, I wonder if you get an early enough one if you can do sorin and TT before the park gets too busy and FP frozen?

Also I love teppan edo we do it every trip, my kids go crazy for it, out next trip we are a family of 6 so I don't think there will Ben too many others at the table with us. Last time we had some lovely women celebrating their friends all clear for cancer and they were great fun.
Once we had done breakfast and soarin there was already a 30 minute queue for test track which want too bad.

Originally Posted by Th1nkT1nk View Post
Teppan Edo sounds a little under-whelming from your perspective, and certainly bizarre that you didnít get more steak. This is not somewhere we have tried and I think weíll probably find other places that will take priority over it. Loved the look of the Mickey shaped tart! 😋
Honestly I do think most people would really enjoy it

Originally Posted by collybird View Post
Teppan Edo is one that we tend to avoid as an introvert. We have eaten there and loved the food but weíve never gone back as I get nervous just thinking about it. Silly I know.

The Mickey Tart looked great, I didnít expect the filling to be so soft.
Itís also put my off Biergarten as well.

The tart was lovely

Originally Posted by SquishTheWhale View Post
We were at Teppan Edo on Friday and I think you got a bit done on the steak there! My DH got steak only and definitely got more than that.

I'm also not a fan of sharing tables, and ours came with some added entertainment of an obnoxious New Jersey couple who drove the server mad asking how each and every thing was seasoned and demands to have it more seasoned. They ordered extra starters, lobster tails etc and then sat there with faces like thunder and didn't touch any of their food or talk to each other.
On the upside we also shared with a nice British family and we all had a good laugh about the American couple once they left (which was as soon as they possibly could!).
That as something I didnít mention. I was going to order the ribs to start but no one else ordered them so would have felt guilty.

Originally Posted by Kat11 View Post
Oh, I love Teppen Edo it's a family favourite. We've got it booked on our last night in October. I don't talk to anybody other than a hello when I'm there (call me antisocial!) Did you order the fillet steak, maybe that's why you got less? My Dd had it last time and we had the combos and it sounds like a similar amount with it being a better cut of meat?

It's funny as I don't consider myself as a shy person like you do but I couldn't do a trip report, as im not brave and would worry that no one would want to read it or think I was daft?! (Is that shy or just paroniod? 🤔Hmmm 😂 )

I'm loving your report by the way! 👍

Thanks for reading. No I ordered the NY steak so I think he just thought heíd given me chicken already Iím guessing.

I have no issue doing the reports as they are for me and the family as well as Kellynturns the trip reports into photo books.

Originally Posted by GezzasGem View Post
Oo don't make me waiver on our choice of Teppan Edo..! Never tried it and booked it so we can watch Illuminations afterwards, DD a meat lover and thought she would like the cooking at the table! Hmmm... 🤔
Remember itís just my view. Many more than me really enjoy it. Give it a go.

Originally Posted by Goldia View Post
You've had some fab food so far. I've been really busy lately so I'm playing catch up.

I CANNOT wait for our garden grill breakfast that looked awesome. Also the polite pig is in my plan for our first trip to DS. I'm going to ensure no one has a sandwich though, great tips. Tappan edo sounds a bit underwhelming from your point if view. I think it is all about the experience. We've done it and the Kobe steakhouse on I drive. It's a fun meal and as we like stir fry a good choice.

I'm sure there was more I was going to say, I hope you're having a good time and you're all enjoying yourselves.

We are at pofq this summer and I'm so excited to be there.

Have a great rest of the trip
Thank you. Iím wring this from RPR having left Disney today. We absolutely loved POFQ and were really sad to leave. Having said that weíve had some good food today

Originally Posted by dixonsontour View Post
Shame teppan edo wasnít a hit for you.
You canít win them all and the kids and Kelly enjoyed it
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