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Consider the sesire to be sepate from conventioneers may be a cultural thing. I am American and have stayed at both the CSR and CR, both convention hotels, several time, with and without conventions present. It has never bothered me to have people in business attire in the same hotel as I. I usually dress in buniess attire, even on the weekends and hope it doesn't make people uncomfortable if I stop by the outlet mall in my suit during the workday.

As far as marketing, I think the issue should be raised with the travel agent with whom you booked and use another company or DIY next time.

I also think the first week or month of anything new will have kinks and they have to be expected.
Going to a mall in a suit is totally different from wearing bikinis in a hotel surrounded by people in suits. When youíre on holiday you want to feel like your on holiday and not be reminded of work all of the time being in that environment where everyoneís is stressed working on laptops. Besides my main complaint is that there were not enough facilities when the conventions were on.

All UK travel agents market Coronado springs the same way, towards families. Besides as Iíve said the hotel was lovely and itís not a complaint, just an observation that i personally preferred the vibe in other hotels. Iíve stayed in Coronado springs before albeit years ago and loved it. Donít remember any conventions and if there was it didnít have any impact on us and we really liked the decor and atmosphere. Thatís why we didnít hesitate to go back, which is why itís disappointing that to us it just felt like a different vibe to the hotel this year that would make me choose elsewhere.

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